Antica Farmacista's New Baby Line

Mar 21, 2014

If you have been reading this blog for awhile you know I am completely obsessed with candles, candle warmers, diffusers, and smells of all kinds. One of my favorite brands is Antica Farmacista. I found them at Nordstrom's some time ago while shopping for a house warming gift for a friend. After smelling the Manhattan scent in her house I became a huge fan, and have been buying them ever since. So you can imagine my shock and excitement when I was contacted by the amazing people at Antica Farmacista to try out their new Baby fragrance.
With all my kids I have never put anything really smelly into their rooms, well accept a diaper of course. But many "baby" smelling products give off too much of a baby powered scent intended to mask the array of smells produced by our bundles of joy. So when I opened this diffuser I was amazed at how light and refreshing the smell was. I will admit that I was skeptical it might be too much to put in Avalon's nursery, I didn't want her breathing in an abundance of smells during her afternoon nap. But after having it in her room for sometime, and also moving it around to the boys' room I am so happy with the amount of fragrance it provides. It does not build overtime, it keeps that light, sweet, and calming smell that I really like. 
In my opinion this line would be a great baby shower gift, or the perfect addition to any nursery! Or even a great spring scent to keep in a bathroom, or laundry room. Chris has even requested that we move the diffuser into our bedroom since Avalon spends her nights sleeping horizontally between the two of us. The mans got a point....

I really love this idea of a fragrance just for babies, and the diffuser adds a touch of luxury to any room! So check them out!!

*I was sent this product to review but these opinions are all mine! And Chris and my bank statement can vouch for my love of this brand and their products!


  1. Oooh.....I think I may order one. I love "smell good" stuff.

  2. Diffusers are the best!! These sound great.

  3. I want some pink boots! Those are so cute.
    I've had one of those diffusers before but it quickly went the wayside when my then cat decided it was a freaking toy! Oh vey! Boo :(


  4. I have a diffuser in our bathroom and love it!

  5. Ummmm YES! I need one of these. (one for each room that is..)

  6. I need to try this brand out in my son's room. If it can take away that "little boy" smell then I'll most definitely be hooked! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Yes!!! It makes my boys room smell so good! And I keep the small diffuser in the Manhattan scent in my husbands bathroom...because lets be honest boys big and small just stink! haha

  7. It looks so pretty as well as smelling good. Can't wait to try it!



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