Chalkboard Bookcase for the Win

Mar 14, 2014

Well the people have spoken...majority went with the chalkboard bookcase option and I had to agree! This was the easiest way to transform this bookcase and breathe a sigh of cooperation into our nightly routine. The boys love having some books in their room to chose from for a bed time story or ten.
This really was the easiest thing ever, and I have a pretty limited DIY threshold. I did however go a little overboard on the buying of the chalkboard paint, I can now paint many of wonderful things with chalkboard paint, and I think I just might! HGTV eat your heart out with all this down and dirty DIY-ing. Okay I mean clearly it is just painting, but don't kill my buzz!
Ace has a strict -no pants- policy when it comes to manual labor. But this kid can paint like a boss I tell ya. I pretty much fell in love with chalkboard paint. I know I am like so totally late to the chalkboard paint party...and pinterest has been promoting it for a while...but better late than never when it comes to childhood enjoyment right? 
From that.......

To this.......
And we love it! Not to mention the boys are beside themselves that they can play with chalk, inside the house! Minds blown! And I got to put a check mark next to the fun parent box for the day. Boo yaaa Christopher!

Now I just want to turn everything into a chalkboard surface! So for all my crafty mamas out there, what have you slathered chalkboard paint on?
Here are some things I wouldn't mind doing:

chalkboard painted herb pots
painted drawers
painted fridge (this one already got the -hell to the no- from the husband)
framed chalkboards
chalkboard pumpkins (can never think about halloween too early right?)


  1. Job well done! So far besides my chalkboard wall the only thing I painted was a plastic platter from Target for our mantel. Happy painting!!!

  2. It looks great and I love the idea of how easy it sounds? Now I need to find something to chalkboard paint in Riggs' room!!

    1. So easy! We are thinking about doing a wall in the playroom for the boys. Riggs would have so much fun, especially on the days when its just too cold out ;)

  3. Way to go!! It looks awesome. Here's my question - does it feel like a chalkboard?!? I've never tried it because that feeling gives me the chills!

  4. It looks awesome! Want to come to Arizona and build me one?? PLEASE! You can even bring Ace and his no pants wearing with you. I know he and Rey would get along famously. She hates wearing clothes period. Oh vey!
    What are we going to do with these two?


  5. Nailed it! I dig Ace's style ;) Framed chalkboards and painted pumpkins get my vote! Hmmm I may need to consult my buddy Pinterest on some additional ideas. I'm late to the chalkboard paint party too.

  6. It looks so good, I'm glad you did it!

  7. Love it! And glad you enlisted some labor too. I'm loving the pumpkin idea, how fun is that!

  8. It turned out SO nice!! Looks a million times better!!

  9. Love that you got son in there. LOL on the pants rule, what a great project!!



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