It's not spring but ideas are a bloomin

Mar 9, 2014

A Sunday post! Who doesn't like a weekend post?  I know I do, so lets get this started. We have really been up to nothing. Lots of errand running and ice break-up avoiding. We would rather walk extra careful than stand outside breaking up inches upon inches of ice. Our neighbors seem to really be enjoying themselves though. And to them I say party on...
sweater: J Crew (on sale now) jeans: AG shoes: forever 21
I on the other hand am doing by best to say goodbye to winter. I don't care that it will probably continue for the next six weeks, I give up. No jacket for this mama....what now winter? Take that! Actually the lovely older woman in Target said "now sweetie where is your jacket?" you only get called sweetie when you are walking around sans children because your husband is driving in circles in the parking lot to keep them all asleep. Had I been in there with all children this lady would have given my the stink eye thinking...."look at this irresponsible mother running around in 27 degree weather with no parka". But the sun is shining even though there is little to no warmth on my skin, so I took that as a sign to delayer a little bit. Any one else ready to throw in the towel to winter?  (for all you people with weather above 40 degrees, no need to rub it in. I am jealous enough)

I bet you thought this surprising Sunday post would be interesting right? Haha...gotcha! I have been spending most of my weekend trying to figure out what to do with this bookcase.
You see, it is currently living out its days in the playroom. But it holds the kids collection of books that we choose to read from each night. So our routine looks like this- I tell the boys to go pick out a book for the night, they make their way downstairs to the basement where the playroom is, they end up getting sidetracked by all the toys and forget to get a book. So I have to go down and be the evil troll and crush their nighttime party dreams while dragging them kicking and screaming upstairs with their book of choice in hand. You are probably asking why not just bring the dang bookcase to their room, and you would be correct in your questioning, but here's the thing. The boys bedroom furniture is black, and this bookcase, well is not. So I have come to the realization that I need to do something about this in order to ease in the bedtime routine. These are my ideas:

-sand it and paint it black
-use chalkboard paint so no sanding or priming is required.
-just put it in the boys room even though it doesn't not match and might drive me crazy every time I see it in there
-keep it in the basement and go on with the nighttime wrestling matches
-do nothing and keep annoying Chris with my "ideas" until he gives me a reasonable solution

Any suggestions? Am I just being a neurotic freak? Its okay you can tell me....

Until I figure it out I am just going to keep staring at it! 

Hope everyone is having a much more eventful weekend than the snoozefest we got goin on over here!


  1. I think the chalkboard paint idea is great! Less work and it would look cool. :)

  2. Uhm yeah winter can go. Bye bye see you next Tuesday. And I vote paint it black. But the easiest way possible. Because I hate the thought of sanding and priming. Good luck!

  3. Hi there. Just browsing through the Happy Kids, Inc: Bloglovin' Blog Hop and found your blog. Now following you via Bloglovin' and would love if you popped along to my blog and maybe even followed back!

  4. Either 1 or 2. But if it were me, the easiest route would win...just saying!

  5. This is one of the prettiest pics of you ever - you are just gorgeous! And, Winter will get the hint ;)

    I love paining furniture black and then roughing the edges up a bit before I varnish it. Just a thought!

  6. oooh. I haven't been wearing a jacket for quite some time. Mainly because I have some extra blubber keeping me warm and carrying it around in stores pisses me off. I love your shoes!

    Chalkboard pain!

  7. Outside without sleeves in 27 degree weather?! Holy hell!
    I say paint it black chalkboard, and move it to the room. Seems like the easiest way to go without making yourself crazy.

  8. Is black chalkboard gonna be like "nails on a chalkboard" every time the kids go scratching their lil fingers across it? If so, then ditch the chalkboard idea! I've never dealt personally with it but have heard its expensive because a little does not go a long way. Haha.
    Spray paint? Why do you have to sand it? I vote to get it the heck out of downstairs... Although I'm sure you know, they'll find something else to continue the saga of nighttime wrestling match in its stead. :)
    Yes you are a bit of a neurotic freak but that's 100% A-OK in my book! (In fact, it's encouraged) Don't put it in their room if it's going to drive you bonkers. Gotta keep the sanity somehow.
    .....and I dearly loved your Sunday post!

    1. Going with the chalkboard paint, it just seems like fun for the boys! I bought a lot of it and I didn't think it was that expensive, but thats just me.

  9. Well that was just hearsay on my partGlad to know it wasn't expensive. Make sure to take pix!! :)



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