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Mar 20, 2014

I love this picture of these two, the majority of this blog is dedicated to the ramblings of my stay at home mom life. But for Chris I can only imagine the things he would come up with to write about as a working husband and father. I fall victim way too many times to not showing enough appreciation for the stressfulness that is my husbands job, and then to have to come home and deal with this bunch of lunatics? There has to be days he thinks....mayyyybe I'll just sleep in my office! Ha! But we love him and this article written by a working dad is a good one!

If you are in a shopping mood and want a good bargain, Gap is having a 50% off sale. Many of the things from my post the other day on kids outfits are now reduced!! Also J Crew is giving 25% off with code HEYSPRING. Happy shopping. 

Madeline posted about these high waisted jeans on her blog and I immediately tracked them down at Target and bought them!! Aaaand I love them!

With spring coming up...well in about a month or so for us in the north pole, a nice glow is needed. I am hoping to find this self tanner and give it a whirl. 

Amanda posted an amazing read on her blog last week that brought tears to my eyes. Her story along with her parents is incredible. Her series Chat With A Caregiver is a 
great outlet for caregivers of patients/ cancer survivors to discuss the process and give advice to one another!

Ace is quite the complex child, and right now he is going through an "only orange" phase. As in he will only eat things that are orange, on an orange plate, with an orange cup. He has been living off of carrots, oranges, orange bell peppers, cheddar cheese, mac and cheese, only orange m& get the idea! So I have made this carrot recipe no less than 10 times in the last week. Can you imagine the outrage that erupted from his little body when I made chicken and GREEN BEANS the other night? Poison...pure poison in his mind. 

One of my favorite brands Madewell released their spring catalog and I want really everything! I need a job, anyone want to hire me? I could wrangle cats like nobody's bizzz-nassss!!!

Thats all I got, over and out!


  1. I love that photo! I love watching daddies take care of their little ones. I totally relate to the fact that you sometimes don't appreciate the craziness of your husband's job!

  2. Thank you for the shout out! 'preciate it ;)
    What do you own from Madewell? I always drool over their clothes but haven't pulled the trigger on anything yet...
    High Five for great baby daddies.

  3. I love this sort of stuff. A post of what's what. Soon as I am unpacked I shall stalk away. Although then I may miss the sales... Hmmmmm.

  4. LOVE that picture!!
    And this was seriously the best reminder to appreciate my hubs more. And to turn down the crazy a notch or two when he comes home from work tonight ;)

  5. This had me rolling, you are too cute. Thank you for the laughs!! ❤️👍👏❤️



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