Our Love Story

Mar 24, 2014

I never thought I would write this down, let alone share it on a blog. But I kind of feel like this is the best time to get the details down that we still remember! This friday is our anniversary so I wanted to take this week and dedicate it to how we met...fell in love...and what started this whole shebang! If this does not interest you at all I totally understand, feel free to skip the blog posts for this week and return next week where I am sure I will have more overdramatic kid craziness to relay. 

So this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, so I'd like to take a minute just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the wife to that man right there.....
It all started when I went to college at a small school in Tacoma, WA. When I had visited the school earlier in the year I fell in love with the campus and couldn't wait to pack up my things and kiss Las Vegas goodbye! Once I got there in the fall I was assigned to the all girls dorm, which for me seemed very fitting seeing as how I was in a two year relationship with my boyfriend who went to college at Gonzaga. I was thrilled to be on my own, I loved my classes, college was just a dream come true. After the first few months of exploring Seattle, my love of food and fashion was born. But I was a jobless freshman in college, I had champagne dreams on a beer budget. So I found ways to make some cash. Charging people for photocopies of my class notes, requiring a small fee to tag along on a grocery shopping run. But where I made the most dough was charging people gas money. Freshman weren't "allowed" to bring their cars to campus and we didn't read that fine print until we had driven up from Vegas, so my parents paid the ridiculous amount for me to get a parking pass. Who was I not to put this privilege to good use and chauffeur people around. 

Well one night a group of girls in my dorm asked if I would drive them on to the Army base near by so they could see their boyfriends. I didn't even know there was an Army base in close proximity to the school, let alone that we could just drive on to one. But hell they said they would each give me 10 bucks for gas so I was about to make a killing! 

After getting a pass on base and driving around aimlessly trying to find a building that looked like every other building we made it to our destination. I thought I would just be dropping these ladies off, but they said there might be some drinking involved and they asked if I could come back and pick them up. Seeing as how I had no idea where I was I just said I would hang out for a bit. I ended up sitting in my car talking to my boyfriend until my phone died (lame so so lame). Then I went inside to find them and tell them that the taxi would soon be leaving. I entered this building that smelled like cheap cologne and body odor. There were more men in one confined space than I had ever seen. I was incredibly uncomfortable. I found my friends, got introduced to all their boyfriends and was given a nice comfy seat on the hardest twin bed in the world. Across the room I see this guy in a blue and white button up and I was speechless, which never happens to me! I just stared at him every chance I got without him noticing. We left that night and didn't say one word to each other, I had no idea what his name was or if I would ever see him again, but I couldn't get him out of my head. 

This went on for days...I felt guilty thinking about this person when I had a boyfriend. I remember calling my step-dad and telling him how I felt like I was almost cheating on my boyfriend because my thoughts were consumed with this guy I had seen for 15 minutes in an Army barracks. My step-dad told me to give it some time, and that I was young, I shouldn't be putting so much pressure on my current relationship. I gave it another week and then what do you know one Saturday night I get a knock on my dorm room door and outside are my friends and their boyfriends and a couple of their friends. There he was! Standing in my hallway! They asked if I wanted to go into Seattle with them. I hadn't showered all day, I was in sweats watching a Law and Order SVU marathon and eating a hot pocket. So I declined. They left and I just kept thinking I should have gone, he was right there I missed my chance to talk to him again. I took that moment to call my boyfriend and break up with him. I just couldn't do it, something was not right, I felt like an awful person having all these thoughts about someone else. This boyfriend was an amazing guy, so sweet, two years of a good thing. But seeing this unnamed guy twice now sent my head spinning. So I broke his heart, with no explanation. The next week was filled with my family, his family, and our friends calling me asking me what happened. I had no answers for them. 

Come to find out my mystery man had started seeing my friend from across the hall. I was somewhat heartbroken. So for the next few weeks we would all hangout and I would see these two together. It was weird, I was a psycho who just broke up with her boyfriend for this guy who is now hanging out with my friend. Winter break was coming up and I couldn't wait to go home to just get away from them. As I was on my way to the airport I get a text from an unknown number saying "hey I hope you have a good Christmas maybe we can hang out when you get back". I knew it was Chris and I was so excited. 

After a few weeks at home I returned to Washington with an extreme amount of anxiousness. As luck would have it, my friend had not come back for second semester so that left a real clear opening for Chris and I to get this party started. But I hadn't heard from him since I got back to school. Do I text him? How long do I wait for him to contact me? Should I be a stalker and offer to take my friend to the barracks? Her boyfriend was Chris's neighbor so I mean I would for sure see him right? Sure enough I get asked to drive them on base again, I took it and as I was there Chris had just come back from the field, he smelled like nothing I had ever smelled before (death). His face covered in dirt, his uniform was just one solid color of brown, no camo to be seen. It was gross. He was surprised to see me too. He asked if I would hang out for a bit while he got cleaned up. Hell yes...I mean of course why not? So I did and we spent the next however many hours sitting in his barracks room talking. 

The next couple months were filled with hour long visits. Him coming to see me, me going to see him. Our schedules were crazy. I had night classes and he had early mornings. I would sneak him into my dorm room every chance I got and he would fall asleep on my couch only to wake up at an extreme hour to race back to base for PT. It was intense, we tried to spent every minute together. But we were in this friend zone, there was no holding hands, no kissing, nothing. We just had this weird understanding that there was so much emotion between us yet we did not slap a label on it. Everyone would ask us "so are you guys together? whats the deal?" we never answered. We had a good thing going. He was literally my best friend. He would come to my dorm and study Army manuals while I would study for exams. We would bum around, I never had a chance to put make up on or look cute in front of him because I never knew when he would just show up. The element of surprise really kept this thing going. 
Then my birthday was fast approaching and he asked if he could take me out. Of course I said yes, and we he picked me up from my dorm on my birthday and handed me a little box. Inside was a single solitaire diamond necklace!! I was in shock. What did this mean? How do I accept this? I had never been given something like this before. He put it on me and we went out to dinner with a bunch of our friends. It was such a great birthday, and one of the last times we would go out before finals and the inevitable summer break that I would be going home for. For the next couple weeks we tried to see each other as much as we could. But he was in the field a lot and I was packing to go home. We said our goodbyes before he left for a training exercise, and we had no idea where this thing was going to go. 

And that was a lot to read, so if you made it to the end I should send you some of the money I hustled out of people! Let's finish this soon shall we? 


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