Spring Outfits for Kids

Mar 17, 2014

The snowfall over the weekend only fueled my need for spring even more! Saturday while the boys were all out in the snow I decided to go through the kids closets and see what we were working with...needless to say more than half of the non winter apparel was not going to fit once spring does decide to show up around these parts. And there are just about three things that I cannot pass up when it comes to my children:
1. when dad offers to change a diaper or wipe a butt- check
2. when grandma says she is having withdrawals and needs to come to Alaska- check and check
3. cute kids clothing and or a sale that involves the same- check checkity check

And thats what happened this weekend. Gap was having a sale, and I was able to find some cute things elsewhere that just scream "your kids need me". 
outfit one: sweater {$10} /pants {$10} /shoes {$25}
outfit two: fedora {$7} /tee {$8} /shorts {$18} /shoes {$25}
outfit three: cardigan {similar $32} /shirt {$10} /jeans {$30} / shoes {$32}
outfit one: cardigan {$13} /romper {$35} /shoes {$30}
outfit two: denim vest {$20} /tee {$5} /leggings {$8} /sandals {$16}
outfit three: denim jacket {$20} /dress {$13} /shoes {$32}
outfit four: sweater {$30} / jeans {$12} /shoes {$14}
outfit five: tee {$5} /overalls {$25} /sandals {$13}

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Its Monday, the fun parent returned to work so let the insanity begin...


  1. Great choices! Online shopping is what dreams are made of.

  2. Oh my these are such cute outfits! :)

  3. Emma needs Spring clothes so bad. Lovin the picks you got!

  4. We are going to California this weekend and I had to go but an entire wardrobe for my kids since they have ZERO non winter clothes. Now I'm really itching for spring!

  5. Some of those are really really great prices!! I need to get myself on some email lists so that I can find out when these sales are happening. My kids are in desperate need of a fashionable mom. Such cute things for Avalon!

  6. Everything is so cute. Lilly is definitely going to need those camo pants.

    1. Yes!!! The camo pants are a favorite of mine as well :)

  7. Thanks for sharing this post. Really it looking like gorgeous dress.



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