Tourist or Local by way of the Zoo

Mar 5, 2014

So we have lived in Alaska for almost a year and a half and I have often wondered what will propel me from the tourist category to the local category? Would it be my first winter? Eating reindeer sausage? Getting my car stuck in the snow? The crack in my windshield that spans from one end to the other? Being the first person on the highway after some heavily fallen snow, thus being entrusted in paving the way for the many cars that will soon follow (with great power comes great responsibility people)? 
No, this weekend we realized we were bordering the "line of local" when going to the zoo in the winter time! In most places the zoo is a fun, school is out, summer time activity. Not here. Not here. We went to the zoo for the first time last summer and we thought it was not all that great. We really didn't see many animals...we walked and walked and walked. We just weren't too impressed. 
But over the weekend we ran out of other ideas and said lets try the zoo again, it was 29 degrees, the sun was shining why not? 

Winter is the time to go to the zoo! There weren't many people there but the animals were all out, in plain view, noises could be heard, playing could be seen, it was great! Ace decided to be our tour guide for the first 45 minutes where we pretty much walked in circles seeing the same tiger/bear/bald eagle combo. Then Chris took the reins and steered us towards the snow leopards, and polar bears.

Avalon was snug in her chariot, the boys practiced their animal calls, screaming "ka kaaa ka kaaa" at every sleeping four legged friend. There was so much to see, that the kids never had a moment to throw a tantrum or an off kilter attitude filled back and forth. For lack of a better word it was bliss. Well until Ace had to pee and we were no where near the bathroom, and I have zero navigational skills while under the pressure of a small person in snow pants clutching his boy parts screaming "mooooom its coming out!!!!" But what is an outing without an accident or three? 
So lesson here is, when living in a cold weathered climate in which your winters last much longer than your mental capacity, go to the only place where winter animals belong. The zoo...


  1. How fun!!!! I would love to visit that zoo.

  2. That's awesome! Who would have thought they would all be out in the snow.

  3. What does the fox say?

    And it's coming out. Classic. Oh my. Hahah

  4. This post makes me smile but also makes me really sad. I made that moose cut out, and hand raised that musk ox girl from 2 days old. Even at 300 lbs she was still excited to see me every day. Man I miss that place, and can't wait to go back and visit this summer. Thanks for sharing :) and yes, winter is a fantastic time to visit - the animals have their beautiful winter coats and are up and active. They love winter!

  5. Your visit to the zoo looks like fun, and the animals look strangely happy to be in the snow. Or maybe it just appears to be that way in the picture? Either way, I admire you for braving the cold and snow and actually going to the zoo! :)

  6. You crack me up so much lol. Reindeer sausage lol! I think going to the zoo in Alaska during the winter definitely qualifies you as a local! I won't go if it's below 70 lol, I'm definitely an Arizona local.



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