I wonder if my kids think I need friends?

Apr 9, 2014

I don't know if the conversations with my kids are getting funnier, or if I have gone without adult interaction for so long that I can only find humor with a child that still relies on me to keep their backside clean! Amanda came over the other day with her amazingly cute daughter, and I am pretty sure some of the things that came out of my kids mouths left her scratching her head! 

I mean who doesn't enjoy their diet coke laced with absurd humor coming from two toddlers?
As we were playing in the playroom:
Ace- Hey mom can you watch the kids for me? I have to pee. 
Me- Oh sure....

After we put the kids to bed....or so we thought. We were watching Gravity in 3D (glasses and all):
Ace- walks down the stairs WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING! It's bedtime, ugh, take off those glasses and get to your room.
Chris: Ok, you're right.
Me: No, I have to see if George dies. 

Picked up Ace from school:
Me- How was school?
Ace- Good we got chicks!
Me- You got what?
Ae- Chicks you know chicks.
Me- Like chickens?
Ace- Ya eggs that are like chickens not bacon.
After struggling to get Ace to eat his dinner:
Ace- But mom I am so full I think I need some chocolate. 

After watching dad get ready and leave for work:
Pierce- grabs a sword and a small frying pan Otay mom I going to work now see you next morning. He walks outside in a diaper and rain boots. 
Me- Watching from the window
Pierce- Otay mom I home it was too cold at work.  
Dinner conversation:
Chris: How was your day?
Ace: Good I just worked a lot. Pierce annoyed me. And mommy got a box. 
Chris: Mommy got a box? Of what?
Ace: Just stuff. she got a box da odder day too.
Chris: Oh she did? Does mommy get lots of boxes?
Ace: Ya like all da time....
Me: Wow Ace I thought we were friends! 

Ace came into my room in the middle of the night:
Ace- Mom! wake up!
Me- Ace? Are you okay?
Ace- I had a bad dream I need to sleep with you. climbs in bed
Me- A bad dream about what?
Ace- You
Me- _____________
Putting Pierce to bed:
Me- Night night little man
Pierce- I need a tiss
Me- kiss
Pierce- I need a hug
Me- hug
Pierce- I need anudder tiss
Me- kiss
Pierce- I need to pick you nose
Me- Goodnight!

Just some random sitting in the kitchen:
Ace- So babe....
Me- Did you just call me babe?
Ace- Ya dad does it.
Me- True, but you can call me mom.
Ace- What about Kewlsey?
Me- Or mom, mama, mommy
Ace- Or babe, right babe?
Where is the child that doesn't speak yet?
She's like.... that shit cray!


  1. Omg I am dyyyibg over here. I read it again out loud to my husband just now.

  2. Haha that shit cray. I love the "But I'm so full I think I need chocolate." It's pretty much my motto in life. :)

    1. You and Ace would get along so well...he always has room for chocolate!

  3. Ace totally called you out! hahah Emma does it all the time to me when I get clothes in the mail.

  4. Bahahaha! Ace is awesome, love it.

  5. Your boys are freaking hilarious! I LOLed multiple times while reading this.

  6. These posts are my favorite, they are too, too funny. Love it!

    1. Aww, I am glad you get a kick out of them! The boys are characters :)

  7. I can just picture the sword, diaper, and rain boots! Your kids sound absolutely hilarious! 'Tiss'

  8. I literally forwarded this post to my mom for her to read this morning! Your kids are such a joy :)

  9. Hahaha. Your boys are hilarious!! Love it.

    1. They are a handful, I am kind of nervous for the teen years!!



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