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Apr 20, 2014

hat: target blazer: gap (old) similar tank: target (old) similar leather leggings: american apparel shoes: zara (old) similar on sale!

I wore this outfit the other day, and my little brother said "did someone die?". No, no one died, but I think my subconscious was in mourning because it was the last day my family would be here visiting! It had been a whole two years since I had seen my little brother and sister, we moved a few times. They were busy becoming teenagers (kind of a big deal). We had another baby. We live in Alaska (not a hop skip and a jump away). So the stars aligned and they were able to visit, and we could not have been more thrilled to have them here. My kids could smell fresh meat from a mile away, and they took advantage of my siblings youth! I let them....

And my mom, man, I forgot how much that lady likes to clean. Pretty sure she had a mild panic attack every time the kids would dump out a basket of toys, or legos...oh the LEGOS! It brought me back to my childhood and the fact that that stuff just didn't happen. I kept telling her she would drive herself nuts if she kept picking up all day long, just let the mess happen and once they are all tucked in at night the cleaning crew comes in (me). But grandmas are a whole different breed of saint!

On to this outfit! As much as I love color and patterns, I am a neutral girl at heart. And a monochromatic look, especially in the shade of all black, makes me a happy lady! The key to pulling it off is mixing textures. Cotton blazer, silk shirt, leather leggings. It gives the outfit a little more dimension even though you are in all one color. And these pics happen to be taken outside of a chocolate is slimming right? Right! Because I ate my weight in mocha truffles! 


  1. I am just such a fan of all black. And cleaning Nonna's. ;)

  2. I'm needing the link to that bag of yours!

  3. You can never go wrong with black!

  4. Wow, great photos! (Hehehe, taken by mom!)

  5. I hate that your family had to go!! I'm like you, moms are saints. You look beautiful, as always in your black - hope you guys had a wonderful Easter!

  6. I almost bought that LV! I decided in the speedy instead cause I realized most of my handbags and purses kinda look the same. Love the outfit!

    1. I love my speedy too!! This is my "diaper bag" big enough to carry everything but the kitchen sink ;)

  7. Love the outfit. I still need to get to that chocolate shop!!



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