Post--Post Baby Hormones!

Apr 30, 2014

Hormones are all the rage during and after pregnancy right? And by rage, I mean RAGING! If you have had a baby you know that after that baby your body goes through just as many changes as it did during pregnancy. I wrote about my hair hormones after having Avalon in this post. But even after three kids I went through a huge change recently. 

With my boys I breastfed each of them until about 10 months when they weaned themselves. I was more heartbroken than anything, but when they were done, they were done. I also got pregnant around that time with the next baby so my menstrual cycle never returned. Until about a month ago! And when it did, it returned with a big old eff you! I was transformed into a hormone raging teenage girl! The mood swings, the pimples, the skin changes, the boob changes, just everything! All products I had been using for years just did not seem to work on my skin anymore. I was breaking out, my skin was so dry and flaking off. I lost all coloring (I am pale anyway) but my skin just looked dull. It was ridiculous. So I went into product research overhaul, I was trying samples left and right in an attempt to get my 13 year old self under control. Here is what has been working:

Murad Essential-C Cleanser: This stuff is amazing! A gentle cleanser, but strong enough to rid your face of makeup and dirt. The smell is so refreshing, and vitamin C is great for livening up your face and bringing back that pregnancy glow....even though you aren't pregnant. My mama always told me to fake it till I make it, life lessons hard at work here. 

Murad Essential-C Moisture: This little tube of lotion-y goodness packs a mighty punch! Nothing was working on my skin, everything was making me greasy or just not providing enough moisture. This has a great balance. The price may be a little alarming, but! but! It is well worth it in my book. I have a deep obsession with soft skin, and my face is no different. I like my makeup to go on smoothly, and look flawless, so you have to have the right canvas. Plus this has SPF in it...protect yourself before you wreck yourself! 

Clinique Emergency Gel: The name says it all. Pimple emergency!! I have never had acne, but when I get a pimple, especially with this hormonal craziness, it has a mind of its own! I found this stuff and BAM, pimple be gone. No joke. I would put this on at night after washing my face and by morning that blemish was gone or significantly reduced! 

Barr-Co Oatmeal Cream: I love the Barr-Co products. This lotion has saved my dry skin. Throughout this hormonal change, my hands and nails became very dry and brittle. I would apply this lotion throughout the day, and saw an immediate change after a few uses. Highly recommend to anyone battling dry skin. They also sell it in a larger size for full head to toe lathering! 

Biotin: I have been taking Biotin for years! It promotes healthy hair, skin, and nail growth. I take it once a day. But when I started noticing my hair falling out again with this new batch of hormones, I decided to up my biotin intake. It does seem to be helping, and my nails are getting back to a healthy state as well. I love this stuff. I have turned my whole family on to it throughout the years, and definitely recommend to my mamas out there having issues with hair loss. 

Now if only I could get my hormones to level out a bit, because we have renamed PMS- PMBS (premenstrual bitch syndrome) because man I was aggravating myself. Christopher if you ever read this, not sure why you would, but let me apologize in advance. Because that good old cycle should be comin around the mountain soon..... 

So ladies-Ya! ladies-Ya! If you wanna roll in my mercedes..... ok thats enough. But really ladies, hormones, crazy hormones! 


  1. I'm dreading for Aunt Flo to come back to town! My mom uses Murad products and loves them. I use Philosophy.

  2. Hi crazy! I love biotin! Been taking it since my chemo days. Have you tried Practive's toner? If I had to only use one skin care product for the rest of my life, that'd be it. LOVE it!

  3. I remember getting mine back and was like, was it really this bad before???

  4. My hair is done falling out, and now I have all these crazy baby hairs all over the place. I didn't even think about what would happen once I stopped breastfeeding.....omg....

    1. I know! Mine stopped falling out when Avalon was about 6 months old, but now I am losing it like crazy :(

  5. Oh my gosh, you're my hero! My skin has been horrid thanks to the dang hormones and weaning from nursing and wretched periods... UGH! I was seriously going to call my derm today to schedule an appt to have him fix me. But I'll give these a try, first!

  6. I need to get back on the Biotin train. I took it for SO long and then stopped for whatever reason. I'm so scared of my hair falling out once I have babies. That and for my feet to get bigger. I already wear size clown anyways, so if my feet do get bigger, I'll be wearing slippers for 9 months straight.

    Does the Barr Co. oatmeal cream smell like oatmeal? Like a good smell? If it does, you have me hooked on it already.



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