Life Happens

May 9, 2014

I had quite a lot of things on my to-do list this week. Majority of which had to to with cleaning. Did I get any of them done? Nope. Well thats not true, I did clean the kitchen the other day. This week, life just sort of happened. Usually around these parts, shit happens! Like all the time. Chris and I are constantly on our toes waiting for the next ball to drop. If you know us in the physical life, not just the virtual one you know what imsayin!
I have been looking for the missing pieces to these puzzles all week. That pretty much sums up what the rest of the house looks like! ha! But since Chris just got back from being away for a month I kind of let daily cleaning fall to the bottom of the priority list. 
The basement is covered in the husbands gear. I have walked past that huge load of towels no less than 20 times. I just don't feel like washing them. Laundry was numero uno on the priority list this week. 
The boys are lucky because I got one load of theirs done. Folded...not put away....but folded. When Chris is gone I am like a machine. A non-sleeping machine. I can't sleep more than an hour at a time when he is gone, so I happen to be the crazy lady up at 3 am washing and folding. We are lucky enough to have two washers and dryers so I can have so many loads going at once. Also a curse if you forget about one! But such a blessing to a sleep walking zombie! 
The playroom. Yep this is the current state of the playroom. Toys everywhere. I know it will take me a solid hour or two to get everything back in its designated spot. Legos and cars separated. Train tracks put back together. Books back on the shelves. But I have had zero motivation to do it. 

I looked at Chris last night while we were eating dinner and said "I swear one day this house will be clean again" he looked back and said "who the hell cares". Words of wisdom from this man. Sometimes it is nice to We had fun this week having dad home. We are looking forward to the weekend and celebrating Avalon's birthday. The weather is supposed to be amazing so hopefully we will be soaking up some vitamin d. 
The plan is bbq-ing. Taking turns sleeping in. Eating cake. And if we feel like a late night cleaning sesh so be it. At least the kitchen is clean..... 

What are your plans for the weekend? Do you ever just say the hell with cleaning? 


  1. I love that you did this. Life happens right? At least you don't try and hide it. ;) Two washers and dryers have mercy that is a dream. Because laundry is the worst so to get it done twice as fast! Yes! Have a fabulous weekend!!!

  2. I love it! :) Life most definitely happens and no reason to hide it.

  3. Yes! I need two washer and dryers. I wish I could just let it be messy. I blame my mom and my strict everything needs to be picture perfect upbringing

  4. TWO washer & dryers?? How did you manage that?
    I like to keep our house clean most of the time, but since I'm married to a semi-hoarder (thanks to his mom), that doesn't really happen very often.

  5. For the past two months I've put off cleaning. Sometimes we knock a few things off the list on the weekends but there is ALWAYS something that needs to be cleaned in this house!

  6. Messy house, happy kids, enjoy your blog!
    Mom of 7

  7. Ha... the kids look like they're having a great time.

  8. Woah woah woah. Parents are supposed to clean the house too??!!



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