Mom Uniform | Overalls

May 28, 2014

overalls: edyson (similar on sale) t-shirt: vince shoes: urban outfitters (old, similar
clutch: kate spade saturday sunglasses: rayban watch: michael kors lipstick: lime crime

Ya'll ready for this? Overalls!!! You either love them or hate them. Clearly I am in the infatuation stage of our relationship because I can't get enough. Ace tells me every time I where them that I look like Bob the Builder, which is the best possible compliment coming from a four year old. Surprisingly, Chris likes them as well. 

I love that you can dress them up or down, throw on a white tee, heels, and some accessories and you are ready to go out. Or dress them down with some crisp white chucks and have a park day with the kids. Oh the possibilities!!! 

What do you think of the overall come back? Love it, or make it go away? 


  1. You make them look good! Not so sure about myself though.. I'd feel like a hillbilly.

  2. You could wear a sack and look good. So yeah they work for ya. ;)

  3. You seriously make them look good!!!! I however look ridiculous in them lol.

  4. KELSEY. SO HOT RIGHT NOW. (zoolander voice required)

    You are a fashion blogger extraordinaire missy! I saw that last picture and immediately though, "I'm a badass bitch". hahahaha

  5. You are so brave wearing overalls in Alaska that aren't Carhartt ;) LOVE that clutch!!

  6. I love this look but I don't think I could ever pull it off! haha

  7. Love!! Best way I've seen them done yet.



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