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May 19, 2014

Guess what we did this weekend? If you said more freaking hiking you'd be correct. Are you getting sick of the hiking yet? I mean I swear it is all we do. Not necessarily by choice, it happens to be the only thing a particular four year old in this house likes to do. He is non-stop. He can do a six mile hike and still be wanting more. There is just no tiring him out. And if you don't take him to do something that resembles a hike you might as well kiss your sanity goodbye. Clearly this isn't a bad thing, I love that Ace has that sense of adventure, and craves the outdoors. But Pierce. Complete opposite. He would much rather be at home with a cheese plate and some lemonade. But he took one for the team......
This time we headed up to Arctic Valley to make our best attempt at scaling Rendevous Peak. On the way up we encountered a black bear who was crossing the street. I posted the pic on instagram. Not going to lie, I was a little freaked out that we might see more.....while hiking.....with three small children. Pierce brought his squirt gun. 

For my Alaska hiking enthusiasts, this is a very easy hike for kids. It is completely wide open, as you can see, very little trees. Also would be a great place to bring the dogs for an afternoon out. If you had dogs...we don't...we have kids that act like dogs. And bonus fun fact, this trail is prime real-estate for blueberry picking in a few months!!
I also took the opportunity to ruin a family picture of my own. Why should I let the kids have all the fun? I mean if I am not going to get a framer out of the deal, why not look completely ridiculous? 
I got the husband in on this one. Ready-Set-Dont look at the camera, but why are you looking the same direction as me? Poor Avalon. That kid is clearly thinking, out of all the families I could have been born into? this? this is the one I get stuck with? 
On our way back down the mountain we did get scared shitless startled by a moose. Can you see him in there? Those things...big. Like really big. I grew up around horses, but seeing a moose poke his head up right behind you? No No! Then on our way to the car we saw another black bear, this time no photo because well it was a bear! Chris was going into parental protection mode. I happened to be going into Solange vs Hova mode because I'll be damned if I get taken out by a bear. Ha! 
But, good times were had by all. The four year old got to hike. Pierce got to squirt random things with water. Avalon ate more snacks in a three hour period then she does in a week. Chris got to see two bears and three moose. And I....I burned enough calories to earn myself a milkshake and a large mcdonalds fry. Boom! 

How was your weekend? Did you hike? 


  1. oh my goodness, what amazing photos! thank you for sharing. i have never hiked before, but this makes me want to. lol

  2. I would have freaked. That moose is HUGE. Love the family photos. haha

  3. Oh man a moose would freak me RIGHT OUT! bahahahaha

  4. Wow what a beautiful place! You are making me want to live (well okay visit lol) there so much more now!

  5. These pictures are breath-taking! I love that Pierce brought his little squirt gun. Such a fun family outing!

    1. Oh Pierce...such a little man...haha!

  6. Oh my gosh!! I missed the bear post on IG... going to look now! So much (scary) wildlife! I'm glad I don't have to worry about that in my neck of the woods!
    I'm jealous of your family hikes! I WISH Eric liked hiking as much as I do! We'd have new places to explore every weekend!

  7. Hilarious. Kids that act like dogs. And the "ruined" family photo. All classic.

  8. LMAO omg you never fail to crack me up. I think laughed at least once in every single paragraph, thank you for that. Solange vs. Hova mode, hahahahahaha. Glad you guys had a fun time overall and didn't get eaten by bears!

  9. I wish I could go hiking with you.
    And I would be the kind of mom who when seeing said moose, would run like the wind and leave my kids behind.

    i should never be a mom.



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