Aquarium or bust

Jun 20, 2014

The aquarium! Who doesn't love going to the aquarium? What's even better, is who doesn't like driving three hours to the aquarium? All my moms in the house say yeaaaa! Well, that is what we did last weekend. The Alaska Sealife Center happens to be located in Seward, AK which is about a three hour drive, with limited stopping. Why would parents of three toddlers do such a thing? Because we like to party! Or drive ourselves crazy, either way, adventure awaits!
Actually I have to say the drive down was super easy with these kids, not to mention gorgeous scenery surrounding us. Except when Ace announced that he had to go numero dos, and couldn't hold it. Like it is going to come out. Please let me go in the woods. I am going to jump out of the car kind of deal. All that drama to find a spot that met his potty-ing standards, for him to say, "nope I not have to go no more". Alrighty! Aquarium goers watch out! 
Avalon was by far the cutest to watch. She was having so much fun running around to each and every tank. She was amazed by all the fish swimming right by her. This is the day that I realized the profound difference between boys and girls. Avalon was just so chill. Yes she was overwhelmed with excitement and would squeal to let us know. But she was not trying to climb in tanks, or swan diving onto the hard floor like her brothers!
Not only is this an aquarium for people to wander around in all things sea life, but it is also a research center and rehabilitation facility. So many of these animals were abandoned or injured and brought here. Which I think is pretty cool! Lessens the blow of the ticket price tag, obligatory toy from the gift shop, and snack bar!
This place has the most amazing backdrop. The view was worth the three hour drive. The kids loved looking out and seeing so many animals in the water. Boats buzzing by. And so many birds flying right over our heads!
After a few hours in the aquarium, (it doesn't take that long to go through the whole thing, we went around three times because the goal is to tire them out) we decided to spent some time walking around. Seward is a cute small town with a couple streets full of gift shops, restaurants, and specialty stores. So we grabbed some grub and plopped ourselves down on a grassy hill. 
The drive home was very uneventful. Avalon and Pierce fell fast asleep, while Ace entertained us with his recap of the days events. And Chris spent much of his time saying "ooo can we stop here so Ace and I can get out and run up that hill?" Is it just my husband that sees an obstacle in front of him and has to conquer it? It is isn't it? Damn! Well I eventually gave in and Chris and Ace just ran around while I sat in the car being serenaded by the snores and heavy breathing of the babes, and finished off a half a pound of cookie dough truffles. 

So, all in all good day? Great day! 

Here's to the weekend folks!


  1. When we lived in Maine we too would have driven near three hours to partake in this. It's what needs to happen when you live in wilderness!!

    I think your husband just enjoys boy things. Like swan diving off of hills. ;)

  2. Wow what a cool place!!! :) I love all the pictures. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  3. Ha! We drove three hours (supposed to 1.5 hours, but NYC traffic suuucckkks) just to pick strawberries and while I loved the drive, my husband was sooo grumpy the entire time. There are no editing cliffs to dive off of or hills to climb on our drive though. Lol. Luckily Ev slept the majority of it. But it was like a tiny road trip for me - the only time my kid isn't climbing up my leg and I can read a book. We have plans to go the aquarium here soon.

    That tiny little town looks cute. :)

  4. What a cool aquarium! We don't have one close either. It'd probably be a 5 hour drive to Chicago for the nearest one. Next time we're there we'll visit it though - I'm sure Mac would love it! Great photos!

  5. Gotta love it when they're about to poop on themselves yet as soon as you make it to the bathroom, they don't have to go anymore.
    Avalon is the cutest!!! I find it so crazy that she is standing and walking! Looks like an amazing trip. Glad you got 2/3 to nap on the way back..
    Have a great weekend!

  6. I'll see you at your house tomorrow. Orrr maybe the next day depending on how long the flight is.You do some of the coolest things!

  7. That is the coolest aquarium I've seen, and that first picture is absolutely breath taking!

    1. This one is really great. You get to see all the behind the scenes rehabilitation stuff, which is neat. I will say that the aquarium in Atlanta has to be one of my favorites though. Can't to take the kids back now that they are older!

  8. Aquariums freak me out... I'm always afraid the glass is going to break and I'm going to get attacked! haha

  9. I have to put this on our to do list while we're here!

  10. Oh I love Seward. What a fun little trip with the family.
    I can't wait to get back to Anchorage on Wednesday! So soon!

  11. Such a best aquarium! And the scenery? Gorgeous!!

  12. What an awesome aquarium and those views!!

  13. Um, that is so awesome that you had relatively uneventful trips to and fro with the kids!!! And omg the views, I had to interrupt hubby's video game play to show him some of these pics, Alaska is amazing!



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