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Jun 23, 2014

There are times that I realize that I am not too shabby at this being a mom to boys thing. Not saying I don't have a girly side, because that is alive and kickin. But outings like this are some of my favorites, when we add in trains, planes, and boats....but old ones. Very very old, antique ones. That's what I like!
I can attribute my love for all things antique or vintage to my mother. She was always taking us to old rundown towns when we were little. Just to walk around these houses that were deteriorating, clearly structurally unsound, but she loved to discover old things. To have us all think out loud about the story that they could possibly tell. What things were used for, how they were made. Of course when I was younger I acted like I wasn't interested, bothered almost by her over enthusiasm with these "pieces of junk" as I once thought. But obviously it had an impact because I am a lover of things covered in dust and rust!
We came here last summer a few weeks after Avalon was born, and I can remember not being as committed. Sleep deprivation will do that to you right? Last time we were here I relied heavily on Chris running around with the boys. But this time mom was on her A game...okay maybe not A. But I'd give it a strong B+. 
There is a pretty strict rule at this place, I think it goes "you can look but not touch". Rules were made to be broken am I right? I mean how could we not get up close and personal with these oversized toys? We sang the Bob the Builder theme song at the top of our lungs, along with a remixed Old McDonald thrown in there. 
It wouldn't be Alaska without some old fishing boats on display!
Chris is like a kid in a candy store once we get close to the old Army artifacts. He makes all the noises, sets up a scenario for the boys, and they run around as if they are recreating scenes from a movie. Or for Chris, just another day at work. But the boys have yet to make the real life connection of what dad does for a living. 
We always end our visit with the planes! We live right next to an air field, and have become somewhat numb to the sound and vibration these beasts provide. But walking around them, running under them, and just standing near them in general is pretty awesome. 

We are hoping to make it out here one more time before winter. Summer technically just started, but colder temps will be here before we know it, and there is a lot more fun to be had before I welcome any fluffy white flakes back into my life!

*if you live in the Anchorage or Mat-su Valley area, the transportation museum is a great visit for kids and husbands alike!


  1. This looks like so much fun!! And you bite your tongue! Colder temps! WAH!

  2. Wow! What a cool place! I love "vintagey" type things too!

    1. So fun to explore places like this, especially when it keeps the kids entertained as well :)

  3. I think those boats are my favorite. And what an awesome place to take some pictures.

  4. I love all the adventures you guys go on! So fun! :)

  5. Oh my gosh, how cool is that!! I'm sure your boys were in heaven.

  6. This is so cool... my nephew would LOVE something like this!

  7. You guys are the cutest family ever. And you always make me want to go for a third and have that girl I've always envisioned haha! I'm a lover of antiques too, and this place is like a boy's heaven! You guys do a lot of cool stuff!

  8. I would LOVE to visit a place like this! Sans-kids. At least my kids.. LOL I feel like it would be a blast with boys though! I'd be all up on there climbing on stuff too.

  9. this looks amazing! i dont have kids, but i want to go please.



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