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Jun 13, 2014

Lets start with an update shall we? Ace had three doctors appointments this week with three different specialists and we got the wonderful news that his cast can come off!! He will have to wear a brace for a bit, but the fracture was not as bad as it looked at the ER and the main concern was the dislocation. But Ace seems to be able to move his arm and pick things up with no pain or discomfort. So I trust that the doctors think he is okay enough with just the brace. Yay!!
Now, lets let the toddlers do the talking

After we got home from the grocery store:
Ace- Mom I love you. You so beautiful. You are my heart. You are like a shooting star.
Me- Aww Ace you are so sweet!
Ace- Can I have a cookie?
Me- Not right now.
Ace- WHAT!!! I do not like you right now. 

Driving home the other night:
Chris- Ace do you see those planes over there?
Ace-  Oh yaaa they huuuuuge!
Chris- Those are like the ones I jump out of.
Ace- Are you kidding me? Why would you do that?

Over breakfast:
Ace- Mom I get my food first before the babies. 
Pierce- I not a baby.
Ace- Yes you are a baby and I a kid.
Me- Pierce isn't really a baby anymore.
Ace- Yes he is he pees in his underwear and on the floor. 
Me- Your point is valid.
While taking a bath:
Ace- Mom I want to tell you a joke.
Me- Alright let me hear it.
Ace- What did the ice cream have for breakfast?
Me- Ummm an ice cream cone?
Ace- Ooooo ya I love ice cream let's go get some!
Me- Is that the joke?

At 7:45 pm Pierce sits next to me:
Pierce: Uhhhhh mom I so tired. Tould I have a tup of toffee?

A random afternoon:
Ace- Mom can we call grandma?
Me- Sure. (we called but no answer) She didn't pick up. I am sure she will call right back. 
Ace: Ok I just going to ask her if grandma's have a wee wee. 
Me- What! (frantically text Chris for parental advice)

After a tornado of toys appeared:
Me- Ace can you come pick up your toys please?
Ace- What mom? You speakin spanish again?

Yesterday morning I was having some serious cramps:
Ace- What's wrong mom?
Me- Just having some tummy cramps (sits in the middle on the hallway)
Chris- What's wrong with mama?
Ace- She has crabs. 

It's the weekend! And we're going streaking! Okay not really. But that is how excited I am that this week is over! 


  1. I love these! Your kids are awesome.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. It's comedy hour at your house! ALWAYS :) now we just need a transcription of Avalon's thoughts throughout the day.
    On a serious note, did you get those crabs taken care of?

  3. Oh my word! These are all so cute!! Kids are so funny!

    Alycia//Crazily Normal

  4. I am so glad that his cast can come off! I know you must be relieved.

  5. Crabs!!! *dying* So great!

  6. hahah! I can't even pick a favorite, they are all too great!

  7. Lol crabs!!! And what did Chris suggest about the wee wee and grandmas? Too funny! And such good news about the arm!!

  8. My daughter asked me today after I picked her up from preschool, "can we go to Starbucks and get a crappucino?"

    1. These toddlers man! They need to kick the coffee habit! haha

  9. Hahahaha I can't stop laughing...
    I wish I could babysit this kid. It would give me the most entertainment ever :)

    "Momma has crabs" bahahaha

  10. Hilarious! This should be a book. I laughed out loud!

  11. Oh my gosh! These are so funny! And so glad that the cast got to come off!

  12. "Ok I just going to ask her if grandma's have a wee wee." BWAHAHAHAHA! That is PRICELESS!



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