Old School Vibes

Jun 24, 2014

t-shirt: zara (old)// denim vest: old navy// jeans: gap// shoes: converse highs
sunglasses: ray-ban// watch: michael kors

It's old school lunch hour....heyyyy! Does anyone else get super excited when they jump in the car and the old school lunch hour is on? All of a sudden you're in an abyss of Montell Jordan, and singing this is how we do it....it's fridaaaay niiiight.... and then you look back at your children staring at you like you with the most confused looks on their faces. 

Anyway, to this outfit. When I picked up a new pair of crisp white chucks, all I could imagine them with was more white. Totally not practical with three kids, but that is why I carry a Tide pen or three in my diaper bag! 

I am going to keep it short today, I am off to see how else I can embarrass my children. 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Yay for taking back! These jean vests are basically the best!

    1. Yes! Such a versatile piece of clothing!!

  2. i was absolutely singing along as i read your blog. love old school songs. and this outfit - perfect!

  3. Love the chucks!! They are my favorite shoes that I own...all 22 pairs of them haha!

  4. I love the denim vest. I've only owned one pair of converse. They were pink and I HAD to have them.

  5. Chucks! I need to grab me a pair of high tops.. Side note: Your hair is getting LONG! I love it down and wavy!

  6. Love that song. And that hour. Excellent.

    White and I are no longer friends.

  7. LOVE the jean vest... I've been eyeing one for myself!

  8. That's an old navy vest?? I like it! I want it. I've been looking for one to wear over maxi dresses that won't break the bank. DING DING! :)

  9. I rocked a jean vest today....I love them!



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