Toddlers and Food

Jun 12, 2014

Feeding toddlers! One of the many battles that comes with parenting. I can say that for me, it took me awhile to get into a groove with feeding my kids. Well not feeding them, I have clearly always been doing that, but being able to feed them a variety of foods. And also getting to the point that they just eat what is put in front of them.

With Ace being my first born I had no clue how to transition him to solid foods. I made his baby food, but when he didn't like something I just took that as a cue not to give it to him again. Rookie move people! So he pretty much dictated what he ate, which was completely ridiculous. I felt like I was always wasting food, and time making him so many different meals until he finally ate one. Pierce came shortly after Ace and I was determined to do things differently. But this also meant battling Ace and getting him to eat the foods that were given to him. With Pierce we never really gave him a choice. He always ate what we ate. If we ate something that was not so "kid friendly" be it spicy food, sushi, or whatever then we would include a healthy alternative for him. It was incredibly hard with Ace though. Dinner time actually began to scare me. But Chris and I knew that we had to stay strong with him and get over this hurdle if we were ever going to sit down and have a meal as a family. So we did, there were many nights that Ace refused to eat and that was that, we would leave his plate full of food for him to go back to if he was truly hungry. It took a little bit (and a lot of screams) for him to realize that he could broaden his edible horizons and begin to like other foods besides grapes and mac and cheese! 

We stuck to the same plan with Avalon, and even took a more baby lead weaning approach. We stuck with giving her the same thing the family was eating. And I have to say she is good sport, she will try everything once, but definitely has her favorites. Something that seemed to help all my kids with eating was giving them options. Acting as if they had control over what they were eating, when in reality I put the food on their plates. So we mix it up, for lunch and snacks we usually have a plethora of food on the plate and they can bounce from food to food "choosing" what they put in their mouth. And by the time they are full they have eaten a few different things and can feel satisfied. And I can feel like a somewhat decent parent. All this is not to say that we don't indulge in our fair share of unhealthy food. Did you see my post from Tuesday? Not exactly the food pyramid there. But for the most part we try to give them healthy options. And now that seems to be what they prefer. For now. Who knows they could all wake up tomorrow and go on strike! And since I hit the publish button I have probably just sealed my fate and my children will now only request happy meals and cannolis....

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  1. I love BLW! We were slow to start at first - I was hesitant, but it turned out great and Palmer is a great little eater now!!

    Alycia//Crazily Normal

  2. You are my role model. Officially. I can't get David to eat jack. Literally. He hasn't had a meal in a year. He grazes.

  3. Hopefully they continue to be great eaters!

  4. Hahahaha, I love your "rookie move, people" comment! I am one of those rookies for sure with my first one! My second one is 16 months and some days he decides to actually swallow his food but most days he just likes to get the taste off and spit back out. I love your advice and completely agree with all of it, and I hope you didn't jinx yourself either, haha!

  5. Mia does the best when she has multiple foods to choose from on her plate as well! She goes for her favorites first, but eventually eats it all!
    How did you like BLW? I'm tempted to try that with my next babe!



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