Traveling with Toddlers

Jun 5, 2014

We have made it to the traveling portion of this link up! Yay! Every parent's stress induced nightmares begin with the thought of traveling....long distance....with your child/children. I will say that since having three kids we have yet to take them all on a plane. I am very much trying to avoid that at all costs until they are all a bit older. Call me a wuss, or possibly a genius. But mama only has so much sanity to carry her to college drop offs.
nobody panic. we were at a complete stop, changing diapers and regrouping for our next few hours in the car. 

We did fly with Ace a couple times when he was a baby, and it was a breeze, so I am not even going to touch on that. I know many more people have tips and tricks for that. BUT I have done many incredibly long road trips with toddlers. The longest being from Georgia to Alaska. Eleven consecutive days in a car with a two year old and a one year old, and I was 12 weeks pregnant. You can read about that here. 

So for us I think we have the same formula as most people, but I will give you the run down. 

Think New: As in everything new to your child. Small toys in all different varieties, my boys are obsessed with cars. So I make a huge dollar store run before any road trip. I load up on cars, games, pipe cleaners, crayons, books. Just anything that I think will catch their attention. Stuff they haven't seen before. I know in the back of my head that most of the things will get lost or broken so the dollar store is where its at. 

Movies: My kids are pretty big movie buffs. When dad is home on a friday night you can guarantee that movie and popcorn will be involved. But before a trip we make sure to download a couple new movies or shows on the kids iPads that might buy us an hour before our next stop. 

Take Your Time: This one is always a huge one for us. If we can, while planning the trip we always try and give ourselves as much time as possible. Making sure to make frequent stops to let the kids get out and run around. It is much easier to get them back in the car for a long stretch if they just spent a solid 20 minutes running around an open field. 

Snacks: Clearly a no brainer for parents everywhere. Keep them full....keep them happy! We make sure to get snacks that the kids don't normally have at home. Fruit snacks, chips, juice boxes. Stuff that will make them want to sit still and concentrate on shoveling food in their mouthes.

Med Kit: Okay you may think I am crazy for this one, but I have been in one too many situations with my family where someone needed something found at the aisles of Walgreens and we happened to be 150 miles from the next gas station. So make your own first aid kit. A kid proof one. We make sure to have tylenol, motrin, teething tablets, thermometer, band aids (good distraction too), pedialyte, and then just anything a normal first aid kit would have. 

A few other helpful items we have picked up along the way, this travel tray is great for the boys to have somewhere to eat, color, or play. We got two of these seat organizers so the kids can feel somewhat independent while strapped in a seat. These Gyro Bowls are the greatest thing since sliced bread!! It helps to eliminate the mess in the back of the car, I would recommend these for just everyday, but have found them especially helpful in the car/food/war department.

One day, in the not so distant future we will be outnumbered by our own children on a plane. So do this mama a solid and leave me some tips. Or link up if you have a travel post!

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  1. Eleven days. My version of hell. Those gyro bowls are the best things!! All fantastic tips and as someone who just travelled a measley 17 hours in a car with only two kids I say yes they are all must haves.

  2. I love the idea of making your own first aid kit, that's really smart.

  3. Georgia to Alaska with 2 toddlers and pregnant?! You are a travel goddess! That's impressive. Great tips!

  4. I'm terrified to fly with Mia... THERE! I admitted it!
    A dollar store run is GENIUS! I seriously can't believe I haven't thought of that before! I think I'll have to add stickers to that genius dollar store list, I think Mia would be pretty into those now! (I'm also checking out the tray and organizer RIGHT NOW!)



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