Where do you go to relax?

Jun 16, 2014

We had a lot of plans thrown out this weekend, more than we would ever be able to accomplish. We set the bar high when it comes to weekends. I wanted to do a lot too, but after the week I had with Ace and all the ups and downs, and back ups with him I just wanted a day to relax/recover. Saturday was that day. The weather was gloomy with a slight drizzle so I begged suggested that we go to the botanical gardens.
This is definitely a hidden gem in Anchorage if you ask me. There are so many different flowers and plants, most of them native to Alaska. It is so serene and quite. It is also incredibly huge so the kids can just run around without Chris and I having to run around after them. 
I can't keep plants and flowers alive to save my life! I have tried, unsuccessfully every time. It is somewhat embarrassing. But when we go here I ramble on about how I would love to have these, and those. And don't you just love this rock formation? Ooo and how about those benches, wouldn't those be great in our own garden? Chris has to stop and remind me that we don't actually have a garden
There are so many different themed gardens within the whole place. The herb garden you can smell from down the hill. It is like the most fragrant culinary experience without actually cooking anything. I have to repeat, loudly to Chris that just because we paid a small entrance fee does not mean we can take any herbs home! 
I have no idea what it is about botanical gardens that gets me so excited. Every place we have ever lived I always look for a garden to visit. We walk around and try to pronounce the incredibly scientific name for a daffodil, or peony. The kids ask if they can "smwell" them. All while we sound like a broken record telling them to not pick a single flower!! 
The rain started to pick up a bit, and the mosquitoes declared war. So we picked up the pace back to the car. But not before stopping at the nursery so that I could pick out my next victim. I promised it that I would do my very best to keep it alive. Stay at home moms honor! 

How was your weekend?


  1. This looks like a beautiful place!!! So peaceful!!

    Alycia//Crazily Normal

  2. I have no green thumb either. My mom's an awesome gardener so you'd think it would be in my genes. Such a pretty place though!

  3. So pretty! My husband would love this place...his green thumb is basically neon green! He's so good with plants and stuff. Me on the other hand? I wish it was ghetto to have fake flowers planted in the backyard...I can keep those alive no problem! :)

  4. gorgeous! That's crazy how just a few months ago, it was covered in snow!

    1. I know! Stuff gets so green and lush here in a matter of days! But in the winter you can snowshoe through this place, which is on our list to do!

  5. Wow what an amazing place!!! :)

  6. So nice! We've been on one around here too! It'll be nice to casually walk around when I'm like 50 pounds lighter. Jealous that yours has so many flowers though. I was expecting tons here, but not so much.

  7. At least you keep on trying! Maybe someday you'll get it right and keep it alive!

  8. Such beautiful photos. All that greenery is just gorgeous. Please tell me that one of those cute kiddos took that pic of you and your hubby.



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