Beach Babes

Jul 8, 2014

Back to Homer we go! Everyday we tried to make it to a new beach. This was the first time Pierce and Avalon have put their hands in the sand, breathed in that fresh air, and stepped in seagull poop! I mean these are valuable life memories being made here!
There are so many different beaches you can venture out to while in Homer. Many of them you need to get to by boat, but we stuck to the ones we could get to by car. Mama can only take so many minor panic attacks a day, and three babies on a boat would probably put me under. So cars and our own two feet did the job!
We decided to explore the Homer Spit, Anchor point, Whiskey Gulch, and Clam Gulch. The kids could not have loved it more. We spent the better part of everyday covered in sand. Avalon however ate her weight in sand. Every time I would turn my head she would shove a handful of sand in her mouth. So gross, but she seemed thrilled about it... clearly she likes to experience things with all five senses! 
Packing for the beach in Alaska requires a bit of imagination. Your weather app will say one thing, the weather outside will feel like another, and then when you hit the beach you feel like you are in a different season completely (we learned this day one). So we packed for warm, rain, chilly, cold, and colder. As you can see we reached the cold category!
One of the really fun things to do on some beaches is dig for clams! I have been waiting all summer to do this, and the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. The tides need to be really low in order to find the most clams, and they never went out that far while we were there. We did find a couple clams, but they didn't meet the minimum requirement to take home. So lots of digging, and hard work for nothin. We have a couple more low tides coming up so you bet your bottom dollar I will be back on the beach with my clam gun! 
Every beach was so beautiful and unique. We had fun watching the boats launch in and out of the water, seeing horses running along the beach, and the bald eagles flying close by. Such a different experience than going to the beach when I was younger. These beaches are so quite, we didn't see many people on any day that we went. You don't hear very much, other than the sound of your own children laughing or screaming. And we are still finding sand in different places (manly my car) which must mean it was time well spent!


  1. Ugh kids eating sand gives me such anxiety. Such a beautiful backdrop though for that anxiety. ;)

  2. I am so jealous! What a gorgeous place.

  3. Boats and kids gives me anxiety especially with Mike being in the CG now. So basically Alaska is ridiculously beautiful.

  4. I've always wanted to go clam digging! And I would do it in Alaska if I could! How cold was it??

  5. This is so beautiful! Just think warm thoughts, and you're practically in Hawaii!
    I'm so nervous about doing the beach with 3 little ones. Adri ate tons of sand, and I'm sure Juli will too. They'll survive. LOL

  6. We are pending orders to Alaska! Thanks so much for this blog. I'm freaking out and excited at the same time.



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