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Jul 30, 2014

One thing I am always looking for when putting an outfit together is, how can I make this kid friendly as well? On the weekends when I have Chris's extra set of hands, I like to throw on some heels or a higher wedge. Chris can carry the baby so that eliminates me tripping and falling with a child in my arms. Ace and Pierce are somewhat capable of holding my hands, so it usually works out. We like to explore new restaurants on the weekends, ones with an outdoor patio are preferred. But afterwards we usually head to a park, or something equally geared towards children. Which means my footwear choices must change. This time I took an outfit from day time to play time by switching up a few things. 


jacket: old navy (camo in store)// tee: vince// jeans: ag jeans// wedges: sole society (loving these and these
sneakers: converse// sunglasses: rayban// necklace: thrifted (similar)// bag: louis vuitton

Just by switching my shoes and eliminating my necklace, I am ready for the play ground and some major underdogs at the swing set! My car doubles as a closet so it is not unusual for me to have a shoe choice or two lingering in between the mounds of goldfish! 

So I guess I didn't do a good job of explaining things in my shameless plea plug last week, but since I know you all have so much spare time on your hands, you can cast a vote for me everyday for the next couple weeks. Did she just say everyday? Yes...yes I did. Excessive, perhaps. But you can vote here or click on that blue banner up there that says vote for me! Singing your praises already!


  1. Love the chucks!!! My favorite. :)

  2. I am loving all the camo lately. That jacket is so cute!

  3. seriously, when can i raid your closet?? this outfit screams ME. and you, obviously...since it's your stuff ;)

  4. I just can't get over you taking three kids to a restaurant. I would need at least six additional people.

    And as always. Looking good!

  5. voted! I love the camo jacket!

  6. voted! love the simple changes for day to night...they really change the feel too. so cute!

  7. Replies
    1. Such a versatile item, love that you can dress it up or down :)



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