I will survive. I think.

Jul 25, 2014

Have you ever thought about the items that you couldn't survive without? Maybe not totally in a zombie apocalypse situation, but just things that you know you wouldn't be able to go too long without. Well, I had a chance to think about this when Man Crates contacted me about five things I would put in a survival kit. At first I was thinking, what? I wouldn't last 15 minutes in a crazy survival situation. That is what I rely on Chris for. So I enlisted his survival skills and had him make a life or death, the world is ending, get your shit we need to go kind of kit! 

Also take a minute to check out the Man Crates site, seriously it is your one stop shop for all things  male gift ideas. I love so many of the packages they have put together and I know I will be utilizing their creative geniuses in all things man! 
Alright, let's see what I bring to the table in the survival gear department:

iPhone: I mean how am I supposed to record my survival journey if I don't have my phone? If I don't over-gram the situation then it didn't happen right? Right!

Egyptian Magic: I will be damned if I let my skin get all crocodile like because the world is ending. Sun exposure, stress, malnutrition, it will on take a toll on my skin. Moisturize! 

Tweezers: Listen, I am Italian. I can go from two brows to one before you can send an SOS! These are essential to my survival, or in order to keep my husband. 

Sunglasses: Protect those eyes! And why not protect them in style? 

Lucas Papaw Ointment: Okay, this is my secret weapon. This stuff is the bees knees when it comes to chapped lips, bug bites, rashes, all things I am sure will be present in my survival adventure. 

French Press: Since bringing my pour over coffee maker won't work (I would need filters and a cup and a sturdy surface for that matter) the french press is the next best thing! 
Alright now let's leave it to the professional. I say he's a pro because he takes week long trips into the Alaskan wilderness for fun! I am still trying to convince him to chronicle his trip to Denali, but it might come off more broke back mountain than back country backpacking. Chris would also like me to mention that he gives his personal stamp of approval on all these gadgets!

Osprey backpack: This pack is lightweight, it's not too small for a day trip, but large enough to carry a weeks worth of stuff without weighing you down. Best multi-use pack.

Multi-tool: When don't you need a multi-tool? I feel like I always need this, with kids, my job. Every man needs a multi-tool.

Solar Kit: Obviously Kelsey needs to keep her phone charged. I can charge anything I need while I am walking with this strapped to my backpack. I can charge my go-pro, gps, and batteries for my headlamp, all with this one device. 

Jet Boil: Coffee! This device will boil water in order for that french press up there to work. It also boils the water for dehydrated food. It only weighs a few ounces, and is very compact. 

Pack Raft: this only weighs five pounds, and folds down smaller than a sleeping bag. Why not have a raft to float down a river? You can also use the pack raft as a shelter when it rains. 

Chris talked, I typed. And there you have it. I would not survive if it weren't for Bear Grylls  Chris! 

So tell me, what would be in your survival kit? 


  1. What is this Egyptian Magic you speak of?! I want some, can I use it on my face? Looks like we have pretty much the same things in our survival kits...I would totally perish without my phone and coffee, that's for sure!

  2. I love Lucas too! It would be in my desert island list actually.

    SSG xxx

    1. For sure!! I love this stuff, and I am so happy I have found a site in the US that sells it. International shipping was no fun! haha ;)

  3. Oh my heavens about the tweezers yes! That made me laugh so loud. Also we all need a Chris in an apocalypse type situation. I'm finally getting back into The Walking Dead and I seriously would be in trouble. Coming to you first. At least my skin would look good and I would be caffinated.

  4. Love it! I love that you did one from Chris' perspective too!

    1. Thanks Hana, I figured I needed him since we can all see that I wouldn't be prepared, but I would be moisturized :)

  5. It is amazing how our guys can survive in the wild....I am still trying to convince Kyle to go camping lol but he says no because he does it for a living haha.

  6. Tweezers! Amen.
    Love how his is all tactical. haha

  7. Man Crates approached me too! But, I accidently deleted that email forever, so there went that opportunity! Oops! bahaha!

    AMEN to all of your picks. Phone-simple beauty products-coffee. YES YES YES! Chris' stuff though? Ehh boring ;)

  8. I've never heard of Lucas papaw ointment, or egyptian magic... I think I need to try them!! And yeah who can survive without coffee??

    1. Yes! Two products that are like my hidden secrets, but I truly love them so sharing is caring :)

  9. Lucas pawpaw ointment is the absolute best!



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