Take me downtown

Jul 9, 2014

Homer has the cutest downtown. You can just tell it is rich with history, fishermen telling stories of their latest catch. People walking with boxes filled of fresh seafood. The locals sitting in their favorite spot at the bar. The boats filled with tourists looking around at the beautiful scenery. It is all just so fun, and something I was looking forward to. A fresh shower, clean sand-free clothing, and an empty stomach just growling to be filled. 
The boardwalk is right down on the Homer spit, right in the heart of it all. The restaurants are small and intimate, serving the freshest halibut tacos, burgers, fish and chips, you name it. But the very best, the creme de la creme of it all is Finn's Pizza! For my Alaska dwelling people it is better than Moose Tooth, and you know that is saying something!! We stopped in for a slice, and ended up picking up a large pizza to take back to the cabin. Pierce was a wild man running up and down the board walk, greeting every human he came across like a welcoming committee. He ran in and out of stores yelling "hey man!" he was feeling the downtown vibes. 
Just walking around for a few hours gave us the opportunity to meet so many people. Thanks manly to Pierce and his need to say hello to every person. But people were quite receptive to his bubbly nature. They asked where we were from, how we liked Alaska. Nine times out of ten they were visiting from the lower 48 and were in complete aww of this place. We live in Alaska, but we are still playing tourist. When we did meet a local they gave us their best food recommendation, or coffee spot. Even their secret fishing hole! 
A little confession....everyday we came down to the harbor to see if the Time Bandit was tied up. I have been a crazy fan of Deadliest Catch way before living in Alaska was even a thought. I used to watch it while breastfeeding Ace on the couch in between studying for my classes. So maybe in a way I was destined to live in Alaska. HA! But my fan frenzy was kept at bay since I didn't get a glimpse of that crab catching beast. Next summer....next summer....
Old Town is also a sight to see. Restaurants and art galleries, mom and pop restaurants that invite you in with the sweet smells alone. We came to old town on a couple different occasions, for an afternoon pick me up or my need to explore the local consignment store. 
The real gem is this bakery right here. Two Sisters Bakery. The last time we were in Homer (last summer) we missed this place completely. Big mistake! I went in first just to grab a few pastries. When I made it back to the car we dove into the bag, eating everything before we made it to the next stop sign. So Chris made a very illegal traffic move to get us back to the bakery and fill up with more goodies!
And how can you resist stopping at a local winery for a bottle...or three? Bear Creek Winery, and these wines are so tasty. Blueberry, raspberry, and mixed berry! Chris doesn't drink, so this was pretty much all mine. Come to think of it, I didn't drink wine or anything until after three kids, that sounds kind of horrible. ha! But I assure you it is not. A glass of wine every now and then never hurt a mama! Especially on the deck of a cabin when all the kiddos are tucked in tight and it is light out for a few more hours!

So, are you in love with Homer yet? 


  1. What a great little town! I love all of it! And your bag. And I also love your hair down! But I get it. With kids up is best. Haha

  2. I love that first picture, you look great! :)

  3. That is the cutest town!! You look adorable and so does little Miss.

    I think you should know I met Wild Bill at Bass Pro shop.. I even got a pic with him and his autograph. Ohh and he commented about how tall girls were the best.

  4. Um YES I'm totally in love with Homer. You had me with the first pic. It sounds like it was the perfect day!! And I also wasn't a "drinker" until after I had kids, haha! A glass of wine definitely never hurt nobody.

  5. Deadliest Catch is one of my favorite shows to watch too! It's just so fascinating to me.

    I will be adding Homer to the list of places to see when I come to vist :)

  6. WOW. I want to go here. What AMAZING shots you got but clearly the town is just gorgeous. The vibrant colors incredible. I've never heard of it before finding your site and will now probably spend an hour researching it :)

    1. Yes! Look it up...fall in love! I could not say enough good things about Homer. Just such a fun little town to go to!



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