Taking Stock

Jul 17, 2014

Color me a copy-cat but I just love these posts, these lovely ladies inspired me: here and here

Making : lists, constantly making lists. grocery lists, to-do lists, preschool check-lists.

Cooking : 
chicken piccata, hold the "tapers" (capers) because Ace thinks they are "too spicy".

Drinking : a diet coke. Maybe I'll kick that habit one day.

Reading: books about trucks and tractors. I have a stack of books at a reading level slightly higher than a kindergartener that I'd love to get to, but for now tractors are my intellectual stimulation.

Wanting: just a few more hours in the day.

Playing: some intense games of dinosaurs and tractor wars. 

Listening: to delilah on repeat.

Sewing: nothing.

Wishing: my doorbell would ring for my ups delivery. 

Enjoying: the fact that I deep cleaned the kitchen today. 

Liking: this beautiful alaskan summer we are having. 

Wondering: what time Chris will be home tonight....before 8? 9? 

Hoping: we get some clarity on what our future might look like for the next couple years. 

Marveling: at my children all getting along, and playing in the same vicinity of one another. 

Needing: Avalon's last set of molars to come in so she can stop borderlining an exorcism every night! 

Smelling: the fresh lupines I just picked and set on the table. 

Wearing: a baseball tee and jeans.

Thinking: I really need to shave my legs. 

Feeling: incredibly content. 

Bookmarking: tons of hair inspiration, here, here, here. I feel a slight change coming on.

Have you done one of these posts? I love reading them, link me to it if you have!


  1. Okay now I want a diet coke lol. I haven't had one in a year haha.

  2. These are such fun! And lupines forever and ever!

  3. Oooo! The second and third hair pins are my favorite. Ahh! Do it now, because I want to see it haha
    And you'd think that I'd be shaving my legs all the time with this ridiculous California heat, but NOPE. Sorry husband.

  4. gorgeous photos, Avalon is soo perfect in that little dress!! Also I totally copied you and took stock today on my blog...I was having some serious writers block! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. YAY!! I love these posts, can't wait to read yours :)

  5. Love these! You make me laugh so much. What's UPS bringing? I should be getting my Swiffer tomorrow and I'm WAY too excited for that.

  6. I would like to know what UPS brought. I'm not spending money this month so no happy mail for me. It's sad. Unless you count the 2 baskets and 4 pillows I just bought but shhh don't tell Mike. haha

    I love these posts though.



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