This is when Santa brings my real gifts

Jul 18, 2014

one// two// three// four// five// six// seven// eight// nine// ten// eleven// twelve

I want to say that Christmas is my favorite holiday, and it just might be, but my favorite time of year happens to be the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!! I stalk this sale like a lion to a gazelle. Okay, that makes me sound super crazy, but I am. I love this sale, who wouldn't? I do have a strategy when it comes to actually buying though. I use this sale to get some investment pieces, closet staples, and update my fall wardrobe. Hence all the warmer picks up there. Also you can't beat the accessory and makeup markdowns! 

So this is pretty much what I have my eye on, now the hard part comes, deciding what to part with. Because lets be honest....mama has champagne dreams on a beer budget. Except I don't drink maybe wine? 

Anyway, have you checked out the sale yet? What do you have your eye on? 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We might get super loco and go for a hike (shocked aren't you?).  


  1. Wow those are gorgeous pieces! I had naturally never heard of this sale. Still friends?

  2. You need number 5 and 8 and 7 and 3.

  3. I'm not even going to admit how much stuff I bought earlier. And that was just round 1!
    What did you end up getting?

  4. I keep getting emails about it, and I've resisted the urge to look cause I just went on a crazy shopping spree....ugh. the struggle...

    1. Ha! I hear ya. I did online, and then had to make a special trip to the store. Not good....but so good at the same time :)



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