Back to school....Back to school

Aug 3, 2014

Back to school shopping already? We had Ace's preschool orientation over the weekend, and he starts school is just two short weeks! I realized that I needed to do some major school shopping. He will only have about a month or so before he is covered from head to toe in snow apparel, so I am taking advantage of creating outfits for him. Pierce will be going to school as well this year, but we aren't starting him until we get this potty training thing at 100%, so he may never go to school. And little miss Avalon will not be attending any kind of out of casa experience, but I couldn't help but shop for her as well. Hi, my name is Kelsey and I have a problem. 
outfit 1: jacket //striped tee// pants// shoes
outfit 2: jacket// tee// jeans // camo shoes
outfit 3: sweater// tee// jeans //boots

outfit 2: sweater dress// boots
outfit 4: trench coat// sweater// jeans

Everything is from Gap, Old Navy, and The Children's Place. If ordering online (like I did) you can find some killer deals, and coupon codes right now. 

Gap- 35% off regular price items. Use code BTSAVE
Old Navy- 30% off regular price items. Use code CHOOSE30
The Children's Place- 20% off. Use code TAKETWENTY3. Also free shipping on orders over $60. 

Have you done any back to school shopping yet? When do your kiddos start school? 


  1. Oh my how could you not shop for her!? Girls demand cute clothes. And school season is the perfect reason!

  2. Oh my!!! Such cute clothes.

  3. Love that blazer! I just bought Em a couple shirts from Old Navy. She has soo many jeans but does need sweaters and light jackets.

  4. I saw that little owl backpack at it! Can't wait for Riggs to go to school so I can shop for him! I seriously LOVED back to school time when I was a kid and hope he loves school (and shopping for it!) just like I did. Adorable choices!

    1. Thats the one we got for Ace, I am so excited for him to carry it his first day of school.

  5. I can't wait till D starts school...I NEED her to start school....nowwww. We're at THAT point where she is starting to wear me I like shopping for her clothes online at H&M!

  6. I want to have a child right now JUST so I can go clothes shopping. Baby/toddler clothes are so much cuter than our clothes..

  7. You are too cute. I wish I could enjoy the putting together of clothes like you do! My oldest starts on Monday and honestly we got here so late that I don't even know what he needs for school. (But thanks for the reminder) I'm a terrible mom!!



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