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Aug 7, 2014

The other day we got the rare opportunity as a military familia to watch one aspect of Chris's job, jumping out of airplanes. Except this time it was more fun than anything (that's what Chris said) he would be jumping out of a helicopter into a lake, more of a freestyle jump, without 90lbs of gear propelling him to the ground. When he mentioned that families were invited to watch, the boys were out of their minds excited! The days leading up were filled with questions:
Is dad gunna get hurt?
Are there sharks in the water?
What if a fish bites him?
Can dad swim?
Can I jump out of the hopicopter with him? hell to the no
The morning of Chris called me to say "they are moving faster than anticipated you guys need to leave now if you want to watch me jump in an hour". Let me break this down for you. The drive to this lake was an hour and thirty five minutes from my house. Not one child was dressed, and I had not showered, but I'll be damned if we missed this. I grabbed some clothes off the clean piles (one day I'll fold it) and just threw the kids in the car. Ran back in the house to grab a few makeup essentials, you know to do at the red lights. Off we went. 
We were making great time, I used the various nascar maneuvers taught to be by my stepdad to cover some ground. Then, THEN I was faced with a decision, a fork in the road, literally. The choice to go to big lake north, or big lake south. Chris never specified which area they were jumping at so I took north. Wrong move. All of a sudden I see a helicopter with little tiny men jumping out. I let out a real big expletive and realized that, that helicopter was most definitely SOUTH. 
We finally found the parking lot and I raced to get the kids dressed and out to the lake front. I thought for sure we missed Chris jumping, how could we not? But as I looked around I didn't see him. I gained hope. Then I saw one of his friends that frequents my coffee machine on any given weekday, and he told me we "have awhile". Thanks for crying wolf Chris, I about dropped a lung trying to get here. 
We found a nice spot, with a great view to watch the jumps, and the boats take off to pick up the jumpers. Somehow out of the sea of camo bags, the boys found Chris's, don't ask me how. And they took great pride in dragging that bag to our sitting area. We waited, and waited, and finally the helicopter carrying Chris came flying over head. The boys jumped up, and kept jumping until he splashed into the lake. 
The boats raced off to go pick up the guys out of the water, and it took all of me, and a few unsolicited babysitters to restrain the boys from jumping into the lake to greet Chris. It was all so nerve wrecking, and exciting. And I got a parking ticket that I am refusing to pay. But we made it, and Chris is kind of like a superhero now. And mom is kind of like a crazy person. 


  1. So fun! Like I said on IG I can't wait for Kyle to be in an airborne unit again. I can see how much he has missed it since we left Bragg.

  2. Aww this is fun! I'm glad you and the kids were able to get there in time! :) I bet the boys LOVED It!

  3. I am still learning my husband's warning of, "Any day or time the military tells you is always subject to change, and change again." I don't think I'll ever fully adapt! Glad y'all made it to see him, though!

    1. You would think I would know this after almost 10 years, but I fall victim to planning on the original time. Which it never is. Ha!

  4. Probably one of the coolest things ever. Seriously you need to print the pictures of the jump and hang them in the boys' room!

  5. This is seriously so cool! Minus the whole rush to get there of course. But all in a day's work amiright?

  6. How super exciting!!! I didn't even know that they jumped into water! What an amazing opportunity for the boys to watch!
    I've learned to take my time when John tells me to hurry. "Soon" or "a few" always means like 45 minutes..

  7. LOL you crack me up. I say that like, every time I post here, I know. But it's true so whatever! That is so awesome, I bet your boys were on cloud nine watching that!! And you are a totally seasoned/pro/skilled mom to throw the kids in the car like that and get there on time. I would've been freaking out after that phone call!

  8. wow that must have be quite an experience.

  9. Wow, that is so freaking cool!!
    But, if that we're my husband, I would've had MAJOR panic attacks watching this happen.

  10. Bahaha. You're too funny. And that is totally awesome!!! What an amazing experience for his family to watch.



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