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Aug 28, 2014

Long time no type! First I just want to say thank you to all the people that commented, and emailed me after reading Monday's post. This internet community is a thing of beauty I tell ya. My family and I truly appreciate your well wishes. 

So what has been going on around these parts? Nothing. I wish it was more exciting, but I have reached an all time high or maybe low of laziness. I don't know if it is the colder temps, the rain that only seems to stop for hours at a time, or the fact that the children have turned into some kind of anti-listening cult. But it all has me reaching for a warm blanket and a comfy spot on the couch. 

Yesterday morning I was up much before the kids and I thought, this is the perfect time for a nice long shower (hair washing included). As I was taking my sweet time I got an overwhelming breath of baby powder. I pulled the curtain back to find Avalon and Ace hidden somewhere in a cloud of baby powder! It was covering the entire bathroom, and them. I closed the curtain and just sat in the shower. 

My house is an undeniable mess. The other night Chris came home from work and as Avalon was preparing to dump out a huge basket of toys I said "No, Avalon don't dump those". Chris looked at me and said "well why not? every other basket is dumped on the floor". I laughed so hard because it was so true. The kids are having a field day with my new found lack of cleaning. 
Last weekend we did make it out for a little hike and some blueberry picking. It was so much fun, and we spent a good three hours filling bags full of blueberries. I think we got a little over zealous because once we got them home we realized it was A LOT of berries to eat. So I have been making lots of blueberry pancakes, muffins, scones, and a blueberry crumble. Needless to say we are blueberried out! 

This weekend we are planning on going to the fair! Pierce's birthday is next Friday so I should probably kick the cleaning and planning into high gear if we want to have a fiesta. And last but certainly not least, mama is getting out for some alone-no children invited- time this weekend as well. 

What are your plans? 


  1. It's the perfect time for a little fall cleaning-when the house is totally destroyed! ;)

  2. I hope you have an amazing weekend! We have a 5k and then I'm off to Phoenix to see my sister. :)

  3. I seriously wish that I could come with you guys on all of these awesome trips and adventures you go on. Raspberry picking? Sign me up please, especially if I'm in a field that looks like that!

    Have a good weekend girl!

  4. Love all the colors on the hillside! Beautiful. And my house is a huge mess right now, only there are no kids contributing. It's just me. But that's what Labor Day is for, right? ;)

  5. Maybe this is TMI...but hell...I stopped breastfeeding and my aunt flo came to visit me for the first time in a year and 9 months....I'm grumpy. This weekend, I'm going to be grumpy.

  6. It's the end of Summer blues. They are real and they are not fun! Have a great weekend!

  7. One of my favourite memories was picking crowberries on top of flat top. We made a whole whack of pancakes and ended up freezing them for later. Happy long weekend!

  8. What a great place to hike! Freeze some blueberries---my favorite are blueberry smoothie in the morning even with all the other super foods I put in...it's still taste like blueberry! Happy Nesting.



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