testing my diy boundaries

Aug 11, 2014

Every time we move I fall into the routine of just putting rooms together the way they have always been. Maybe switching up the furniture, or adding some new candles or baskets, but generally keeping everything the same. I kind of hate it to be honest, growing up I was notorious for rearranging my room just about every weekend. Which brings me to the present and a couple places that need some extra love are my closet, and bathroom. I can't decide if I have too much stuff.....or just need more room? I am going with the latter. Chris refused to give up his closet to me (selfish) so I looked to pinterest to solve a few space issues. 

First up, my hats. Before, they were piled on a shelf taking up much needed space for folded sweaters. I found this picture on pinterest and thought, ding ding ding! 
Avalon gives her seal of approval! Can I tell you that I love it? Because I do. It adds a little character to an empty corner in the master, now I just want to find an antique dress form to stand next to it all. 

On to the next! My master bathroom is teeny tiny. It should not even be considered a master bath. Chris uses the guest bathroom in the basement next to his man cave since he rivals me in the product department. Even with him out of the bathroom, there still is not enough space. Before I did this most of my products were under the sink, which has a child lock on it, and was annoying to open and close when getting ready. Go ahead call me lazy, but every second is valuable when getting ready with three kids who could very well kill each other in sheer distress that mom is not giving in to every request at that moment. Back to pinterest where I found this gem. More counter space, be mine!
I rummaged through the boxes of stuff still being ignored in our basement and found a couple baskets that were the perfect size to hang in my bathroom. A nail or two here and there and BOOM. I have more space, and more importantly all my products used on a regular basis are in plain sight. 

My diy abilities are quite limited to one paint color, and or a nail and hammer combo. Oh and tape, I know how to use tape also! Buuuut that is where my crafty fingers yell, hold up wait a minute let me put some etsy in it! Because those who can't do....buy. Right? 


  1. Excellent! Love when you can find stuff in your own home for a solution. Love the hat wall and you NEED a dress form. Chris. She needs it.

  2. I love how you hung the hats, looks great! :)

  3. My hats are piled on the highest shelve in my closet, so reaching them is a pain. You have given me a great idea as how to store them! Thanks!

  4. I love the hanging baskets and using them as shelves idea!!

    1. I really like how it turned out, so easy to do!

  5. Both of these are great ideas! I'm envying your DIY thumb :)

  6. Look at you!! Love both of these DIY's!
    I would've done the same thing if my situation involved opening and closing something with a child lock on it. No thanks!

    I want that large black striped hat.

  7. Love those hats! And girl, I bet our 1 bathroom is smaller. Like you can't get out of the shower if the regular door is open because half the tub is covered by the sink. It's horrible!

  8. Love the idea of baskets on the wall... I've never seen that and would've never thought of it! GENIUS!

  9. Excellent solutions! Your hats are super cute, too! I don't think my hats are cute enough to hang on a wall. I love the hanging basket idea, but living in earthquake country, I think I need doors to keep things in. :)



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