bitten by the birthday bug

Sep 9, 2014

So, Pierce's birthday was last Friday. All day we had him all pumped up for when Chris got home and we could have pizza and celebrate (we are the masters of low key birthdays). But as luck would have it, Pierce ended up getting some crazy sickness. I left to go get his pizza, and a few last minute things and came home to Pierce who was only in the mood to lay down. I went over to him on the couch and he was on fire! He had a fever of 103 and any idea of party went out the window. I went into overreacting panic mode, and Chris went into you know you are acting like a lunatic mode. Pierce fell asleep, and I was up all night watching him breathe and checking his temp. He ended up waking up with a 100.9 fever and starving. We took it easy all day, but felt bad that he didn't get to celebrate. So while he took a four hour nap, we put up some decorations and threw together a little bbq! 
Pierce requested over and over again to have NO CAKE and only four cupcakes. Easy enough, I do not posses enough patience for cake and pinteresty party decorations. Maybe one day when my children graduate from destroying everything to appreciating things. So like when they are 30 I will throw them a lavish affair. 
Ace is like yep....I"ll turn 30 first so bring on the cake toppers and tassel banners!

But! We do love a good piñata at this casa! This was Avalon's first experience with the, sure it's a great idea to give a toddler a bat and candy filled paper hanging object. She loved it. Pierce kept saying "just take it down and I get the candy out" while Ace was like "I need a bigger bat please". 

In the end, the children were on a sugar high fighting over Pierce's toys. We live to see another birthday. Chris your's is up next, what kind of piñata do you want? 


  1. Awh the poor guy! Sick for his birthday. At least it was fast moving. So weird the things these kids get. Parties like these are just perfect. Besides. Nothing matters but the piñata. ;)

  2. That's my kinda party! Pinata and cupcakes are perfect. Poor guy getting sick though! Em's 6th Birthday is in November and I'm already losing my mind over it. I need to follow your route and just stick to small.

  3. What a fun birthday besides getting sick. He looks like a happy boy. :)

  4. Poor guy! You can't get sick on your bday! Haha you crack me up!

  5. Low key birthdays are the way to go!! Sucks he got sick though!

  6. Cupcakes are better than cake... I like his style!

  7. Awww poor Pierce!! I'm glad he was a little better the next day in order to enjoy his cupcake!!
    Seriously, your kids are the cutest. Which son can I use for my niece's husband? They'll totally be okay for an arranged marriage ;)



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