boots with the suede

Sep 9, 2014

sweater: old navy// jeans: old navy// lipstick: estee lauder plum couture
boots: rock and republic (no longer sold, but you can find them on ebay)

Happy Wednesday!! This outfit was from over the weekend when we decided to go out for lunch (always an adventure). There are so many times I have an outfit in my head, or look in my closet and want to wear something but can't when it is just me trying to corral the children. So when Chris is home I take advantage of him and wear what I want, and let him run around like a chicken with his head cut off! 

Once upon a time this would be a normal daily outfit for me. The days where I got up every morning and dressed up for work, eager to put together store windows, or come up with color stories, and anticipate the daily arrival of a new shipment of clothing that I would get to play with. Somehow a nine hour day in heels going from store to store was easy. Now, after an hour or two I am looking for my sneakers. But.....a mom has to glam it up every now and then! 

When do you take the opportunity to bust out a pair of heels? 

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  1. Uhm. A wedding. Ha! You are a brave mama rocking those out. And now I'm singing to myself, boots with the fur. That song.

  2. I very rarely ever wear heels. Like maybe once a year? hashtag tallgirlprobs
    I was looking at gray jeans at Old Navy last week. I almost bought some but then I ended up buying brown boots instead.

  3. I am in love with those boots!!! Super cute.

  4. Every once in a while, I have to dress up and throw on heels for the hell of it. After weeks of wearing nothing but work out gear, I start feeling a little less ladylike.



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