slow and crazy wins the parenting race, I hope.

Sep 18, 2014

I feel like all three of these little munchkins are changing rapidly everyday, and I am just trying my best to keep up with it all. Obviously all at different stages but still lumped into the category of toddler. For the sake of chronicling these age defining milestones let me break it down (non-family members this may not interest you. Grandmas eat your heart out).
Ace. Ace Ace Ace! My leader of the pack. He challenges me in ways I never thought possible. I won't sugar coat it, he is extremely hard to parent right now. He is the most strong willed individual I have ever met. Stubborn beyond belief. Right now he constantly has to have the last word, he has a strong opinion about everything. A total perfectionist. I feel like when Chris comes home every night he finds me just staring at the wall because I am so mentally drained from dealing with Ace all day. It is hard, he pushes me to my limit everyday, and he knows he is doing it. I talk to my mom all the time about it and she laughs because she says that this is exactly how my brother was. I can remember how frustrated I was growing up in the house with my brother. But I also look at my brother throughout our lives and he has qualities I can only hope Ace holds on to. He is a leader, fiercely independent, incredibly loyal, and protective, all of this as a four year old. It is also the same qualities I found so amazing in Chris. I know that Chris was extremely hard to parent just by listening to the stories about him growing up. So I ask Chris all the time, how do I get through to him? He is wonderful at school, his teacher can't find enough great things to tell me at pick up time. But for me, he makes me dig deep into my parenting patience arsenal. I am constantly trying different techniques with him because he seems to always be one step ahead of me. I have been trying to give him more responsibility because he seems to crave it. Punishment does not phase him, he actually laughs at it. We have to have adult like conversations with him about his actions in order for him to understand. Telling him his actions are disappointing seems to be more effective than taking away an iPad. I am grateful that he loves school, that he is always the one at the playground to invite kids to play with him, that even though he fights with Pierce inside the house he is very protective of him outside of the house. I am taking the good with the challenging at this point. Any tips?
Oh Pierce in his newly found third year of life. I really wish I knew what was going on in Pierce's head throughout the day. I mean he never stops talking, but his minds seems to work much faster than his mouth so we are all left going, huh? We call him the jolly green giant because he is just so big, but so cuddly. Potty training is a daily hurdle. He gets it, he got it from day one. He knows where to go, how to go, but doesn't always want to stop what he's doing to go. But I am in no rush to be honest. Ace did it on his own time so I know that Pierce will put the pieces together as he goes. His favorite word is still dammit. We correct him till we are blue in the face, but when it is my fault for saying it around him in the first place it is hard to get mad about it. He has developed this new found desire to "win" at everything. Pierce your dinner is ready, "oh I gunna eat it all and win". Pierce come get your shoes on, "okay I gunna go fast so I can win". It drives Ace crazy! Chris and I find it kind of funny. He wants to go to school so bad but missed the cut off this year by three days (don't get me started on that) so I have been doing more school like activities with him while Ace is at school. He likes it, but he finds it way more fun to play with all the things Ace usually says are off limits. Small victories! Oh, and he is a complete flight risk when out in public. I have learned to embrace it and taught him the freeze game. Now when he gets a little to far I have to be the crazy mom that yells FREEZE, but it works. ha! Small victories for myself as well. 
Avalon, she says nothing yet gets everything! She really is so quiet. She knows a good amount of words but is very selective about using them. She would rather just show you everything she wants and desires and then looks up at you with those huge brown eyes and you just give it to her. We all do, even the boys. She is incredibly resourceful as well. She will eat all of her snack and wait patiently for her brothers to get distracted before she will grab one or two pieces of their snack. She won't take the whole thing, just small bits at a time so they don't notice. If she wants something out of reach she will go about getting it the safest and quietest way possible. She will stack pillows to get things on the counter. She is constantly taking off her diaper. If she has pants on she takes them off and rips the diaper off. The onesie snaps are also no match for her. It isn't even that the diaper is dirty, the second I get it on her she takes it off. So I have had to resort to putting a small piece of tape on the tabs in order to keep them on. But even then if she gets a good grip she pulls them off like a pull-up. All mildly hilarious until you step in an unmarked puddle on the floor. She is so funny, sensitive, and rules this whole house with very little speech. 

Safe to safe I am the one with all the challenges lately. I feel like most of this is compounded by the fact that the temps are dropping and our usual days spent outside have lessened slightly. I am trying to convince Chris we need to turn the man cave into a padded jungle gym, but he has yet to take the bait. Until then, painting parties and races through the halls. 


  1. Ace sounds so much like Veronica! And it is such a challenge! I feel you mama! I constantly have to remind myself that I'll be sending her to kindergarten soon, and to try to just deal while I can and I have her around.

  2. I feel like Ace may be the male version of Letty. I am constantly asking people for advice about what to do with Her. She tests me almost to breaking point. I know someday these attributes will be things I'll love about her... But now I would LOVE a bit of respect.

    Sweet industrious Avalon. Little genius you.

  3. What 3 very amazing and very different kids you have. :) They are special for sure.

  4. Ace and Emma sound the same. Seriously.
    What wonderful kids you have, and they are all so cute!!

  5. Loved reading this! Wish I had some advice to give you about Ace but I don't. He sounds like a smart, determined one!! I'm sure he will definitely be a leader! I laughed out loud about Pierce using the word win for everything and it annoying Ace lol. That's so cute hahaha. And Avalon sounds like she's quiet but runs the show. Your kids are hilarious and awesome! I know how you feel about the dropping temps, except my problem has been the opposite as you know, so I just can't WAIT for our temps to drop so we can start going outside. It's hard when you are cooped inside with small children and all their energy.

  6. Avalon reminds me of Mattis. He hasn't gotten to the "I'm taking my own diaper off stage", but he is into everything. He stacks things up to get things out of the pantry....he waits for Dannika to eat her gummy vitamins and put them back in the pantry because he knows she doesn't close the lids all the way. Then he makes a mad dash for the pantry to step on boxes of whatever to eat her gummy vitamins. The other day, I caught him...and he had eaten like half the bottle of her omega 3 gummies.....oy.

  7. Such a sweet post. Thanks for letting us know your kiddos a bit more! Love the process of growing up. And really love the FREEZE game/tactic. We will be using this one!
    Have a wonderful week, mama!

    1. Thanks Ann! I highly recommend the freeze game, it takes a little bit for them to get it. But now he is still like a statue ;) ha!



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