snaps of the weekend

Sep 22, 2014

Monday, we meet again!! This weekend kind of flew by. Nothing particularly exciting happened. We didn't really "do" anything. We lounged, mama snagged a few hours and went shopping, naps were taken. Chris cooked every meal we ate, which was very much appreciated because on weekends I cannot always be bothered to cook. And if there is one thing I did right in life (well I hope there are a few) it was marrying a man that can cook! It sure does make my life easier when the kids and I are curled up on the couch in a movie marathon. We had a date with the sunshine and the park, which then led us to one of my very favorite places in all of Anchorage, the Fire Island Rustic Bakery, where I could eat my weight in bread alone.

But we did get lots done this weekend as well. We are in full on get ready for the cold season in this house. Chris's presence here will be scarce from here until winter is no more (??) so I am taking advantage of having him on the weekends to get organized. Cleaning out the garage of the summer stuff we are no longer using. Shuffling things from one storage shed to another. Also rearranging rooms since the holidays bring all the family to the Alaskan yard. Chris has to reluctantly pick up his man cave so we can camouflage it into a guest room for the brave souls who dare to enter this house of chaos. But we can't wait! Grandma your up first, I promise Chris will not make you sleep with any skis in the room, or any kind of weaponry.

By far the best part to our weekend was yesterday morning when there was a mouse in our mud room. The hysterics alone had me on the ground laughing. Ace was screaming he cant live in this house anymore. Pierce could not be bothered with such a situation because Spiderman was on. Avalon got on her hands and knees to take a closer the look. And if only the video I took of Chris sweeping this thing out of the house was remotely PG-13 I would post it for all to see. But the language between him and I will have to stay locked in the vault. Even though we did watch it a few times and cried laughing. Nothing like a rodent in your house to bring out the good times!

So tell me how was your weekend? Is it starting to look a lot like fall in your neck of the woods?


  1. Haha the mouse situation sounds awesome! I'm sure the expletives exchanged would have been exactly what me and Kyle would have said.

  2. Oh my oh my! A rogue mouse and an inappropriate video!? Sign me up. ;)

  3. Man.. I would love to see that video.. We didn't do much either.. And sadly, no fall around here. I actually think I'm going to miss it..

  4. I would love to see Chris on that video. How much??? Ha!



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