Whittier kind of weekend

Sep 1, 2014

I am still riding high off the long weekend, it was just a good one. A much needed good one. We had planned on going to the fair since it was the last weekend to go, but the kids had no interest in it! And lets just say Chris and I have put ourselves in one too many "oh come on kids it will be fun" situations to know how it would turn out if we ended up taking them. So, sorry fair and all your delicious food but we took a pass. 

Instead we decided to venture south a little bit to explore a new town, Whittier! It is a small fishing town situated around Prince William Sound. Many of the cruise ships dock there, surrounded by glaciers and gorgeous views. So off we went.....
The real selling point for the boys was the tunnel that you have to drive through to get to Whittier. It is pretty unique. You get to drive through a 2.5 mile train tunnel. Basically you wait for the scheduled time to drive on the train tracks through a mountain. It was pretty crazy!
Ace and Pierce rolled their windows down and seriously thought this was the greatest experience. They yelled "choo choo" out the window, Pierce screamed at the top of his lungs with excitement. I kind of wished there was a faster speed limit because the whole thing just made me nervous, even though it is completely safe. Yadda yadda mom is a paranoid freak.....blah blah blah. 
Once on the other side you enter this cute little town, with the friendliest people to welcome you! We parked at one end of town and walked to the other. That is how small this place is. There are about six restaurants and we made sure to grab a little something at each and every one. The halibut tacos would have kept me there for days, but kids man....they had other plans. 
Their bigger and better plans were to throw rocks. And rocks, and more rocks. I mean halibut tacos....rocks....tacos....rocks. How can these kids not see it my way?
But, would you look at that. We got a family picture out of the rock throwing and endless hiking. The kids were tired, mama was tired, and dada needed an espresso shot or two and we headed back through the Thomas the Train tunnel and made our way home. 

The rest of the weekend was filled with sunshine, grilling, and I made it out for a much needed shopping date with Amanda. Coming home to a miracle, Chris cleaned the entire house with a load of towels washed, kids showered, and grilled cheeses made. That man is in the wrong line of work I tell ya, he made a day at home with the kids look too easy!


  1. Gorgeous town! Great photo of the five of you! Way to go Chris! Maybe he should be a stay at home dad? Hmm? That easy huh? And that train tunnel situation would have made me equally nervous.

  2. What a gorgeous place!!! Love the photos.

  3. That tunnel would freak me out and make me drive too fast. I'm horrible. What a cute town though and of course great family picture!

  4. Wow my kids would has loved that tunnel! What a fun town!



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