you're three, you're three!!!

Sep 5, 2014

Pierce! Happy Birthday my little love! I am going to try and not be cliche and say how did we get here already? But I mean really....

There isn't anything I can tell you here that I don't tell you everyday. You are an absolute joy. A crazy, out of your mind, wild, cuddly, sensitive, amazing joy! There is just something about you and me little man, you are my spirit animal I tell ya. We just get each other. You are so fun and enjoy toddler life to the fullest, never without a smile on your face. You always seem to shock us with the off the wall commentary throughout the day. You wake up with this surprised look on your face every morning, like a new adventure is about to begin. Listening is completely optional for you right now, but no one seems to mind as much as Ace. Speaking of Ace, he is your ultimate hero, I can only hope you guys continue to be each others best friends. You have taken complete ownership of Avalon and she is more than thrilled to follow you around and do whatever you say. I guess it is safe to say we are pretty fond of you. I wish you the happiest of birthdays! And your request of ninja turtle pizza and four cupcakes will be fulfilled. 

We love you. 

*oh and I am so sorry Ace wrote his name on all your birthday cards, promise to let you do it to him as soon as you learn how to spell. 


  1. Happy Birthday Pierce! Your large family in the lower 48 send you all the hugs and kisses we can send given the high shipping costs to Alaska! Have a wonderful birthday my blue-eyed little prince! Love Grandma.

  2. Happy Birthday, Pierce!!! :) Wishing you a very special day.

  3. Okay, I kinda want to steal him from you! He is so freaking cute!
    Can we do an arranged marriage for him and my 9-month old niece? He's a little older, but that's okay! :)

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Piercey!!! I need to know what a ninja turtle pizza is. Save me a piece?

  5. I love your kids! Happy birthday little man!!

  6. Happy birthday big boy!!! Crazy how fast the time goes.



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