Chalkboard Painted Pumpkins

Oct 21, 2014

Simple enough right? Halloween is my very favorite holiday, primarily for the pumpkin decorating. We used to be a strictly carving pumpkin kind of family. But then we moved to Alaska and we found out that Moose are quite attracted to pumpkins. So we carve no more. Last year we used some regular old paint to decorate our pumpkins. This year I thought it would be fun to do these. If you have been reading this blog for awhile I am sure you're thinking all this lady does is paint things with chalkboard paint. And you would be correct. I still have SO much paint left from painting the boys' bookcase. Somehow I thought it took gallons? This is why I can also not be trusted at the grocery store, no logical thinking. Anyway...... I love these pumpkins. Best part is we can change them up and put them on the porch, add a little Trick or Treat, Happy Halloween, or Sorry we're out of candy. 
we do our best crafting in pajamas

I think the process is pretty self explanatory, but I'll type it out anyway. We cleaned our pumpkins off and threw down a little protective paper. I used some painters tape to section off the one pumpkin. Then I grabbed chalkboard paint from my stash and let the boys have at it. We ended up doing two coats, and I found that when I went back to spot check them that if you paint the pumpkin in strokes from the bottom up you get a more uniform look. Top down it seemed to streak more. Just a little tip from a chalkboard painting connoisseur. But that is it! They dried so fast, and the boys have had fun drawing on them and wiping them off. Endless amounts of fun I tell ya! Much easier than giving my children little carving kits and pretending like they won't try and stab one another. 

What does your pumpkin decorating routine look like this year?

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  1. Okay, I'm dying because my first thought was...I sure do remember other chalkboard projects of hers hahaha. Because I'm pretty sure I voted for you to paint the bookcase! But I love this one!

  2. I love the look of these pumpkins. I think you are a brave brave mama letting the boys paint them IN THE HOUSE. You are just a better mother than I.

  3. I love how these look! We aren't doing pumpkins this year and it is slowly killing me haha.

  4. How fun for the boys! I want to do this to one of my fake pumpkins so badly!! I'm just way too lazy to go out and buy the paint haha!



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