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Oct 16, 2014

Happy Thursday! How are you? One step closer to the weekend, can I get a Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho! It has been a little bit since I have tortured you with the off the wall things my kids say, so let me do you a solid and catch you up with their ever evolving vocabulary. And cookies, we decorated cookies yesterday so why not throw in some pictures that do not correspond what so ever.
Ace showing his friend around the house for a play date:
Ace- this is the live-in room. This is my basket of trucks. This is my mom she's crazy.
Me- ________!!!!!!

A normal afternoon:
Ace- Mom can I make a fort with the cushions? I will clean it. I put on my own clothes now so I can clean it up. 
Me- sure but you have to put the couch back together. 
Ace- (struggling to get a cushion off) Whoa! These are heavy. Can you just make the fort and then clean it up for me? Thanks. 

Pierce- mama I broke you candles.
Me- what!? why!?
Pierce- betuz you a good mommy so I break them and now der are more pieces. 
Me- how thoughtful, thank you. 

Ace playing with the iPad:
Ace- mom we have a huge problem.
Me- what's wrong?
Ace- I need to buy this game but I don't know your password!

Picking Ace up from school:
Me- how was school today?
Ace- I am not so happy with you.
Me- me? why?
Ace- you have never given me a corn dog!!!
Me- what are you talking about?
Ace- we had corn dogs for snack today and they were soooooooo good, And you never give them to me. I am just mad.
Me- I'm sorry. I didn't even know you wanted a corn dog. 
Ace- uhhh. I am so frustrated. 

Random conversation at dinner:
Ace- so mom, what does the new baby eat? your spit?
Me- well that is one way of putting it, the baby eats what I eat. 
Ace- hmmm the baby wants you to eat some donuts. 
Me- you think so? That is great news!

Pierce just woke up and is coming down the stairs:
Pierce: mamaaaaaaa!!!!
Me- yes Pierce.
Pierce- I need my underwears dis pullup smells like rotten meat.
Me- (laughing so hard) That sounds awful, let's get you some underwear and hose you down with sanitizer. 

On our way to school:
Ace- mom I need a coffee. I don't have energy for this today.
Me- energy for what? school?
Ace- no just being awake.
Me- I feel ya! 

And there you have it, my offspring!


  1. Haha the donut comment made me chuckle. I love it! Go eat some donuts. :)

  2. Your kids. Comedians. And Ace is really in touch with his emotion words!!

  3. Your kids crack me up! Loved the pull-up one, hahaha!!

  4. Donuts!? Already looking out for his little bro or sis. And I love that candle comment. haha

  5. I love the pull up and rotten meat. Your kiddos are too cute and I have to agree with Ace coffee is always needed around my house :)

  6. OMG! Love them! Your boys are hilarious!

  7. The boys are funny. Some of the things that Ace says reminds me of Christopher " Mom we have a huge problem" Ha!



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