Fall Fiesta

Oct 12, 2014

It's about time we start celebrating the closing of fall right? Oh you don't live in Alaska and are going to experience the season known as Fall for more than three weeks? Weird! Well here in the North we are waving away the falling leaves and are gearing up to welcome snow. But before we start trekking through the fluffy white stuff we thought we would head out to the fall festival to see what trouble we could get into.
The weather at my house was freezing rain with little to no visibility. My mom (oh ya my mom is here visiting!!! Hallelujah!) kept saying, "We are really going out in this? Is this thing outside? I mean this can't be normal". Totally normal for Alaska. I assured her that even in a short 40 minute drive the weather would be completely different. As we were driving Chris started to doubt my party planning activities as well. But I rapid fire checked my weather apps every five minutes to make sure where we were headed was cloudy, cold, but not rainy. I will not be proven wrong. Ha! But thank goodness I was right, when we showed up it was indeed cold. But no rain. 

I also learned a thing or two about my children when it came to pumpkin picking. They will work as a team to stock pile the biggest, heaviest pumpkins, if it means that no other person in a 10 mile radius of them will get a pumpkin. Don't mind me.....just over here raising a basketball team of hoarding dictators. Carry on. 
Horse back riding, and a surprise appearance from my peeps from Frozen!!! I mean this Fall/Winter fiesta is no joke. But my children can't be fooled. Ace said, "uh this isn't real there is no Queen Elsa". Boom! The reindeer was super cute though. 
The hay maze was so entertaining to watch. We let the boys do their own thing, while grandma, Avalon and I took our time to get through the whole thing. The boys were just wild! Running in every direction, trying to climb the hay bales, running into each other. But not Avalon, that little 17 month old has quite the sense of direction. My mom and I followed her and somehow she led us weaving in and out, and slowly but surely getting us out. So note to self, follow Avalon, not Ace. 

On to where I found my true calling in life. Potato launching. Now we don't have pictures of me launching some spuds. But let me tell you, if I ever need a side job, this is it! Are you reading this potato launching recruiters, I am your girl! The boys thought this was hilarious and wasted no time in asking if you could have a large sling shot in the backyard, ya NO! Oh, and Avalon was not in the carrier during the making of this photo. 
Fiesta fiesta!! Valuable lessons are always learned when you are the parents of toddlers. In our years of going places with these children we have made the mistake of thinking that we can leave on our own terms. What were we ever thinking? The only way it is ever acceptable to leave is when your children start making their own way to the car, and look like this! You know you wanna party with us!

I am so happy my mom was here to experience Fall in Alaska, much different than her 83 degree temps in Vegas. You can check out last years Fall fun here

I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I am freezing looking at these photos. Bbbrrr. And hey I think Anna and Kristoff look legit. So cool they had that there! Spud launcher extraordinaire!!!

  2. How fun! Stuff like this is exactly why I love fall so much. :)

  3. So fun! But so cold. You're so brave.

  4. Sounds like a fun time. We went to a pumpkin patch and sweated the entire time, I know, hard life in Hawaii. :P

  5. Oh my! The girls would have died if they ran into Anna! I was hoping to go to the pumpkin patch this last weekend, but it looks like we'll be doing it this upcoming weekend.



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