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Oct 28, 2014

Baby names! Such a huge responsibility entrusted to two twenty something year olds. You are giving them the name they will say "here" to on their first day of real school. What they bubble in on their SAT's, what the Price is Right will call out when they get their chance to play. BIG things!! So with this fourth baby we decided to go ahead and let Ace name him or her. How thoughtful of us right? I mean he is four, he has friends at school with some pretty decent names. He has named all his stuffed animals, and little army men. It's just time he starts contributing to this family. So the other night he asked what the baby's name was. I told him we weren't really sure yet, but I would love for him to give me some ideas. He ran so fast to grab his notebook, where keeps all his latest and greatest ideas. So we sat down and brainstormed. This is what he came up with ^^ 

Not bad right? Pretty gender specific if you ask me. Which by the way we do not know the gender just yet. Making that appointment is on my list of things to-do. Sorry baby numero cuatro, tis your life now. But we should be prepared anyway, I mean we got a 50/50 chance here. 

On a more serious note, Ace is not naming the baby. But he thinks he is so we are going to let him continue with that train of thought. But we really do need to think of a name. Ace and Avalon came easy to us. We knew from day one that if we had a boy his name would be Ace. Avalon was of course the girl name we picked out five years ago. Pierce's name became his name 24 hours before I went into labor, and I text Chris while he was in OCS to let him know the change. I mean he wasn't going to be at the birth so I figured a simple heads up would be fine. Thankfully he agreed with the last minute switch and all is well. Now we find ourselves with a little bit of a challenge, we semi agree on a boy name. And we have no girl name....at all. Not a one. See when you give the rest of your children non-traditional names, you have to continue with that theme. Even though we have thrown out the idea of a John. Not a bad name at all, but he might look at us later and say John? You have Ace, Pierce, Avalon, aaaand John? Do you see the dilemma or are we just crazy? -and to be noted still no girl name. 

I will admit that I am the one with the most outrageous names, and Chris has to rein me back in and say "you know he or she will interview for a job someday". Now our middle names have always been family names, so we aren't too out there. But I open it up for discussion!! Tell me how did you pick a name? Did you search babynames.com? Did you go off the meaning of a name? Family name? Great great grandfather's sister's name? Lay it on me, I'll have Ace go get his notebook. 


  1. Haha I love the names above. :)

  2. Love that "Girl" is an option! ;)

    I don't have kids yet, but I have named plenty of Barbies, and I would read The Name Book and when I encountered a name I liked, I would check out the meaning, and if I still liked it, then it would go into my Lisa Frank notebook of names... Ace and I are totally tracking with the notebook of ideas thing! :)

    1. Ha! He loves his notebook! Names are so hard, at least for us. Hopefully one just comes to us soon :)

  3. I like Uncle for boy. I mean. Who wouldn't? It really is no small feat choosing a name. Letter is and David were sort of chosen for me. Family names that just had to be used and happily so. This third one though is all Matt. Fast and the Furious much? And I had originallu traded my maiden name for all baby names, all Italian. Clearly David screwed that all up but. Is what it is. Dom fits the bill I guess? Maybe a few generations back you'll find a unique family name. Best of both worlds?

  4. I was going to ask if you were going to find out the gender or be surprised, but you answered that. SO! Baby names.. Well I got to name Emma and Mike picked Madison's first name and I got her middle. We couldn't agree, and really I still give him ish for picking Madison but I made him a deal that he could name her. I wanted Eleanor, Cora, Claire (her middle name), Juliana, Caroline, or Elizabeth. Obviously those are too traditional for you guys. Maybe? So boy names.. Jamison (if Maddie was a boy her name would have been Jamison Eli or Jamison Michael), Eli, Colt or Colton, and Dylan. Again, probably too traditional for you. So what about Maverick, Arrow, Fin, and that's all I've got. haha Baby names are hard!

  5. I have no suggestions, but I'm with you on the names matching! Lol. My husband thinks this is just another tick I have, but I've nixed so many names because they didn't sound good with Evie. I think it's so strange when people name their first kid something like Tallulah and there second kid is Brittany. I just get kind of cross-eyed. Lol.

  6. And Finn is the only one to make it to the list for a boy so far (but I'm still holding onto the name Noble - Alex has said no, but I'm still hoping I can talk him into it at birth).

  7. Queen, hahahahaha love it. Me and my husband fought tooth and nail over names. Neither of my boys have names that I would've ever chosen...and they aren't what my husband would've chosen either. My first son I was trying to go with Gabriel, and my husband wanted ABEL. I was like, no dude. Although now I'm seeing more and more boys named Abel. I wish you guys lots of luck picking out a name together, it IS super hard!



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