sprinkles of white

Oct 22, 2014

sweatshirt: zoe karssen (also love it in black)// leather pants: forever 21// shoes: zara 
bag: michael kors (sadly no longer sold)// lipstick: lime crime

There is no need to adjust your screen, you are seeing this correctly. That is snow! But thankfully it really isn't that cold out. Well not that cold for Alaska maybe? Or maybe after two years of living here 34 degrees doesn't feel so earth shattering. Either way this outfit is on major repeat lately. Jazzed up sweatshirt, faux leather pants, and a pop of color on my lips. Done done and done. Simple yet chic, which is what my pregnant body likes right about now. Also to be noted, regular shoes. No snow boot, or rain boot in sight. Yet. I am going to try and milk my wardrobe for all it's got before I have to pull out my michelin man jacket that will not be able to be zipped. Bebe number four I hope you don't mind a wind chill!

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  1. Looking good mama!! I would say you should wear Chris's coats but that probably won't buy you too much room for Bebe.

  2. I love this!!! You look great.

  3. Love that sweater. And I cannot believe it's snowing!

  4. I need those shoes. Every time I see you in them I think that....
    You look great!

  5. Love that shirt! And snow?!! Holy cold already?!

  6. You look fantastic! I love the lipstick with the white and the background.



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