a lipstick trick!

Nov 5, 2014

Over the last couple years I have traded most of my lip glosses for lipstick. Never did I think that would happen, I mean I was a die hard lip gloss girl. But we grow and change I guess. So today I thought I would share a little trick I do to get my lipstick to stay longer, not to mention look a little more like the color from the tube. My avid beauty guru's will probably be saying, ya ya I have been doing this for years. But cut this stay at home mom a break. Here we go!
Step 1: Exfoliate and moisturize. This is super important every time you go to put lipstick on. Use a sugar scrub or exfoliator to get all the dead skin off. I like a homemade scrub, but was out of sugar. This Philosophy Kiss is the next best thing. Then moisturize. I usually do all this first, then do the rest of my makeup so my lip balm has time to soak in. 

Step 2: Conceal. Wipe the excess moisturizer off. Then this is pretty much the trick right here. Use your concealer to completely cover your lips. This gives you a blank slate to work with. Game changer for me, especially when it comes to nude lipstick. You want your color to really stand out so taking the natural pigment away from your lips is essential. 

Step 3: Liner. So I use a taupe eyeliner for all my liner needs. I know weird, but I am telling you this is a universal color. Unless you are filling in your lips with liner you do not need to match it to your lipstick completely, it should just be a guide. At least that is the way I see it. So line them completely and then use the other sponge end to buff it out, or use your finger. Just blend the liner into your lips so there is no harsh line. 

Step 4: Pack on the lipstick. Here I used my favorite nude lipstick by Dolce & Gabbana. I will link to all products below. 

Step 5: Go for color. I love a bold lip for any time of day, and this NARS lipstick is such a pretty Fall color. 

Simple no brainer right? I mean it may not have even needed a whole post, but I didn't start doing this right away and I feel like I wasn't getting the full effect of my lip stick. And who doesn't want some awkwardly posed photos on a Thursday? 

Products used:
Lip Scrub: Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight
Lip Balm: Dior Creme de Rose
Concealer: Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer
Sponge: Beauty Blender 
Liner: CoverGirl Perfect Blend Eye Pencil in Mink
Nude Lipstick: Dolce & Gabbana Nude 120
Dark Lipstick: NARS Audacious Lipstick in Liv 


  1. For a total lipstick newbie I could use some tutorialling.

  2. I love this!! Thanks for sharing this awesome tip.

  3. I know this is a lipstick post (which I love!! Great trick, I'll have to try it out!) but can we just talk about your hair for a second?!? I mean- flawless. You look beautiful darling! x

  4. You manage to make any post of any topic totally fun to read, thank you for that lol. And I learned some new things, so thank you again! I also have started trading in the lipgloss for lipstick. I always wondered when I would ever grow up "for real", and I think my preference for lipstick is a sign that at 30, I may finally be growing up!!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I'm slowly becoming more of a lipstick girl as well. I am in need of a good exfoliator this time of the year as well.

  6. Lipstick is just too high maintenance for me. I'll forever be a lipgloss gal!

  7. I've actually never used the concealer trick, I should probably try! I'd love to see the difference of my lipstick colors with and without it on!

  8. I'm totally keeping this on hand for the day that I finally feel brave enough to try sporting lipstick! I always looooove it on everyone else but on me? Ugh, I'm just such a wuss!!

  9. I pinned this because I have started to wear lipstick lately. I would love the perfect red. I know I can rock it!
    Thanks for linking up at the TGIF Hop!

    1. Awesome! Lipstick can be intimidating in general, at least it was for me. A really great universal red is NARS Heatwave, or Stila Beso. Great for the holidays :)



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