all hallows night

Nov 4, 2014

Oh Halloween, I love ya. I am so sad to see you go, but next up is turkey and eating is kind of like a sport to me so I will have to bid you farewell. But not before a little documentation. Halloween seems to get better every year with kids. Ace and Pierce are definitely at the age where they get the whole trick or treating thing. They want to be in their costumes at every waking moment, and they love when the doorbell rings with trick or treaters, just the anticipation of seeing who will show up at the door is a thrill ride.  Avalon was oblivious to the things around her, but loved that she got candy handed to her for being cute. 
Last year Chris and I were zombies, and I am sad to say this is my first year NOT dressing up. Trust me I was more disappointed than anyone. We just couldn't seem to get everyone on the same page. At first we were all going as ninja turtles, then a batman theme, then no theme. When I took Ace to the costume store he threw me a curve ball and wanted to be a transformer, he then insisted Chris be batman. And well, Chris does what Ace says and he put the mask on. Ace wanted Pierce to be a ninja turtle and Pierce didn't put up much of a fight. Ace then picked out a cowgirl costume for Avalon, and well that was that. See the theme? We just do what Ace says. He wanted me to be a princess, but I stood up to him. ha! 

When the night rolled around I was just too tired to figure out a costume, plus I had so much outdoor decorating to do to piss off the neighbors. Last year we got so many comments on how "scary" our house was. Ya! It's HALLOWEEN. They also didn't appreciate when Chris and I would open the door and their child didn't want candy anymore. And to you I say, live a little. So this year instead of toning it down, we kicked it up. I am talking strobe lights, jumping spiders, amputated body parts everywhere. The teenagers in the neighborhood loved it, we gave them extra candy. We did get some brave toddlers and their disgruntled parents who came to the door in search of sugar. We responded to their "your house is very disturbing" comments with a very loud family "thank you happy halloween". There was one house that was amazing! I mean haunted house worthy, amazing. We paid our respects to that one...and may have taken a few notes. 
These pictures were of their actual costumes. When they showed up at peoples doorsteps they were wearing snow gear! Trick or treating in Alaska....not so much fun. I think the kids made it to six houses before declaring they were too cold. Chris and I kind of loved it because it was freezing! But, for the second year in a row we had no snow on the ground! Our first Halloween here we watched parents pull their kids on sleds through the snow to get some candy, now that is dedication! 
Once we got home it was candy trading time (my favorite part), and we watched some movies until the sugar wore off just enough to get the kids into pajamas. These kids sure know how to party! I like that about them. 

Another great Halloween. Thanks 2014.


  1. They are adorable. Ace did a great job! haha
    People need to lighten up.. a lot.
    It's Halloween!!!!

  2. Live it up with you and your scary house! Earn that candy kiddos!!

  3. People are such wimps about Halloween. As long as you're not jumping out of the bushes at my kids, we don't mind. We had some good ones in our neighborhood.

  4. Ace is probably my fave, because I'm bias towards Bumblebee.
    BUT, the other two come in a close second :)



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