in search of snow

Nov 11, 2014

Maybe I have lost my mind, or that is what my old self would say to my present self. This weekend we sat staring at each other on the couch like, "what should we do today?". I said why don't we go see if we can find some snow to play in? See normally this time of year there is snow in my backyard to play in. But not this year, we got our official first snow a few weeks ago, but haven't seen any fluffy white flakes since. It has been unseasonably warm here so most of the snow has melted. This is where I have lost my mind. Usually I would be rejoicing in this, but bored children drive you to do crazy thing. So we loaded up the car, which by the way next time I am taking a picture of what it takes to take three kids and two adults on a 90 minute drive to the snow. RIDICULOUS! I'm pretty sure I pack less for a three day vacation, and that would include probably six pairs of shoes. 
We drove out to Hatchers Pass, which is notorious for getting the first good amount of snow around the Anchorage area. We knew if there was any trace of snow left it would be there. Thank goodness we were right because it was touch and go there for a minute, and I will just let your imagination wonder if we had drove all that way and not fulfilled the promise of snow angels. 
Avalon is her mama's mini me when it comes to the cold and snow. She really has to give it a minute before she is ready to embrace it with open palms. She wanted to be held most of the hike. When she did get down she would hold her hands high above her head as far from the snow as she could get them. She would take a couple steps and start looking for a snow-less place to sit down. 
We decided to hike up to the old mine, which is a pretty decent hike with snow, three kids, and a 20 week belly. Let's just say I moved much slower than any of us could have anticipated. Chris kept saying, "it might be faster if I just carry you" ha! It may have been, since he was heard yelling "kids not too far we have to wait for mom". Ugh!
It took her about 45 minutes to figure out the snow was not going to hurt her, and after Pierce showed her she could even eat it, it was love at first bite. She probably ate her weight in snow. She was constantly shoveling it into her mouth, we made sure to scope out the fresh stuff for her (we aren't thaaaat horrible of parents). 
Super dad always to the rescue of his tired offspring. And then there is me....bringing up the rear. It's an important job and someone has to do it. You know watching for falling rocks, cars, or dogs. All very technical. But we made it up and back and I then begged for food, lots and lots of food! 

All this to say I am so excited for snow in my backyard, so I can sit my happy butt on a chair while the children frolic! 


  1. I love this, what a fun day!

  2. You do what it takes for sanity sake. And what a feat! Hiking with three and one on the way? There should be a medal for that somewhere.

  3. If it's going to be super cold, it needs to just snow! That way there's things to do. I totally get it. My children hate playing outside when it's cold.

  4. Bahaha that last picture and caption, so great!
    Glad you guys ended up finding some snow, it looks like the kids (and dad haha) had a great time!



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