my pregnancy must haves

Nov 18, 2014

I think it is safe to say I am far enough into this pregnancy to know what I like, what I want, and what I must have! Some of these are tried and true products that have carried me through my other pregnancies. Some are new to this specific little incubation period. But, I love reading other women's favorites products, or methods that have worked for them along the way. So I thought I would share some of mine. 

one: zella leggings. These are my very very favorite brand for leggings. They are thick but breathable. They almost remind me more of a pixie pant in the way that they fit. And the color never seems to fade no matter how many times I wash them. The black is still a true black color. Chris actually bought me my first pair randomly when I was pregnant with Avalon, and now I am extremely loyal to them. Serious life saver while pregnant. 

two: the lotion trifecta. Barr Co- Udderly Smooth- Egyptian Magic. I know I have talked about two of these products before. And I know I am constantly talking about my obsession with soft skin, it's a problem really. But, it gets even more crazy while pregnant. I happen to section off my body with different lotions. Ha! I know...nuts. I stick to Egyptian Magic on my stomach mostly. Udderly Smooth for my boobs. Yes so weird, but it's the only lotion I use around that area while nursing, so I use it during pregnancy too. It really does help to soften everything up...which is great in the long run when my milk comes in. And finally Barr Co. on the rest of my body. I know, it's A LOT. But it is a system I have perfected over the past four years. 

three: pearl eye mask. I have horrible insomnia with the pregnancy. I am not a great sleeper anyway, but this is on a whole other level. So the bags under my eyes are no joke. I picked up this pearl mask and absolutely love it. It is only $10. I use it in the mornings to get rid of the puffiness and really wake me up for the day. 

four: body pillow. I know there are all these fancy shmancy pregnancy body pillows out there, but to be honest I never wanted to spend the money on such a huge oddly shaped pillow. I mean where and what do you do with that when not pregnant? I bought this body pillow from Target when I was pregnant with Ace and I still use it. It is machine washable, and absolutely wonderful. 

five: decaf coffee. I still like to trick myself into thinking I drink real coffee while pregnant, but I don't. I will have a cup of decaf almost everyday, and I do treat myself to one too many decaf white mochas, or decaf caramel brulees after preschool drop off. 

six: lavender sleep spray. Remember...insooomniaaaa! I know there are things that are safe during pregnancy to take to help in this area, but I try to stick to natural remedies as much as possible. Pregnant or non-pregnant. This sleep spray is great. I use it on my pillows, and it does seem to help me get to sleep faster initially and relax me at the end of the day. But after a few hours I just wake up and there is no getting back to sleep. The kids like it and so does Chris, so winner winner. 

seven: cake nursing bra. Obviously I am not nursing yet, but my boobs are gearing up. All the bras I bought from this post no longer fit, so I am back in most of my pre-offspring bras. But when around the house or sleeping I like to throw on one of these seamless bras. They are so incredibly comfortable, and they provide enough support so I feel a little more held in. I have used these through all my pregnancies and beyond. 

eight: rosewater. Rosewater is good for so many things, you can pretty much use it head to toe. I am still sensitive to strong smells, so perfume is out of the question. Instead I use rosewater as a hair rinse, and a rinse on my face after my cleanser. It provides just a hint of fragrance, but enough to make me feel good. I love it. 

nine: ginger berry sparkling water. In my first trimester the thought of drinking anything made me sick. Even sips of water were just torturing. But I knew that ginger was supposed to provide relief in that regard so I looked for ways to incorporate it into my daily eating....or lack of eating. I started making a huge pitcher of sparkling water every few days. It seemed to help with the nausea just a tad (which in that moment felt like a ton) but it was also keeping me hydrated which was the overall bonus. I have been sipping on it ever since. It is so refreshing and gives that added fizz. Here is the recipe I use:

2 cups water
2 tablespoons minced fresh ginger
1 cup honey
1/2 lemon squeezed
1-2 cups frozen berries
Sparkling water 

Add water, ginger, and honey to a small saucepan and bring to a boil stir to combine. Then let cool and discard ginger pieces. Throw remaining ingredients into a pitcher, then stir in the ginger simple syrup. Voila! 

So let me have it, what are some of yours? If you did a post on them, leave it in the comments, I would love to read it!!


  1. I couldn't wear my Zellas past about 5 months :( But, I live in them. Love them so much more than Lulu!

  2. Maybe the third time around I should invest in my first ever nursing bra? Maybe?

  3. Those leggings are super cute!

  4. Saving this for the future! Might buy that spray for NOW haha! I use The Honest Co's Lavendar Vanilla spray for fabrics and love that too! They just came out with candles as well!

  5. Dude! The snoogle pregnancy pillow is a MUST! In fact, in our house he is affectionately referred to as my "boyfriend." (Then again I sleep with a body pillow pregnant or not...)

    Trying your sparkling water recipe today!

  6. I love me some Udderly smooth. I have like 5 bottles of it because my mom's company manufactures drugs and stuff for stores and they had a palette of that stuff get damaged and it couldn't be sold and so my mom brought a bunch home when I was there in the summer. It's nice having a mom high up in a company like it because I get free crap all the time! haha

    I've read so much about those leggings! Looking into that pillow mist. I've been wanting something for the girls.

  7. I've heard so many great things about Zella leggings...and how convenient that my favorite store ever carries the brand - Nordstrom!

  8. I don't know why I read this post. i'm not prego, and we are permanently done having kids (snip snip for my hubby!)....but great tips!!!!!!

    1. Haha! I find these posts interesting pregnant or not ;)

  9. Have you tried the lotion of the sleep spray? It is amazing. I also used the energizing one when I was pregnant because I couldn't ever keep my eyes open.



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