november poncho

Nov 5, 2014

poncho: pixie market// shirt: j crew factory// jeans: target
 shoes: urban outfitters- old (similar here)

November! How did you get here so fast? I am beginning to think that I belong in a very small group of people that decorate for Thanksgiving. The day after Halloween I saw all these people tweeting, instagraming, store employees decorating, for Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love me some red and white stockings hung with care. But what about the turkey? Gobble gobble! I do indeed decorate my house for Thanksgiving, you know with warm colors, browns, and golds. Leaf inspired decor. White pumpkins, ugly little gourds. Maybe it stems from my mom...she didn't pull out a single decoration related to the North Pole until the day after Thanksgiving. Turkey day was always such a huge affair in our house that it needed to be decorated for. You gotta get into the pumpkin pie eating, mash potato mashing, stuffing stuffing, turkey eating kind of spirit. It cannot be tainted by old saint nick just yet. Maybe that is just me, so play on Christmas players!

This poncho kind of reminds me of Thanksgiving. Like a big warm blanket you look to throw on after being so full and needing to sit on the couch, possibly unbuttoning your pants to breathe. Is that just me again? Well anyway, I love this poncho. When I saw it online I didn't even hesitate to buy it right then and there. And when it arrived it was even more luxurious than I thought. The fabric is so thick! The details are great. I am also really into the undone hem on denim right now. Short girls rejoice and just cut the bottom of your pants. No need to roll them or spend the money to get them hemmed. Take your scissors and snip to just above the ankle! Oh and these jeans I am wearing are from Target, and they are on sale for $12. I bought another pair. They are such a great fit. High waited, deconstructed loveliness. And a great pair if you are planning on cutting them as well. 

Did you pull our your Christmas decor over the weekend? Do you decorate for Thanksgiving? Let's discuss this topic :)


  1. Mom mother didn't allow a stitch of Christmas until after thanksgiving either. She always hosts thanksgiving though. I always put the decorations up early. And that poncho looks like as you said! Comfy and warm and all thanksgiving like!

  2. I love this poncho, it's really cute and looks fantastic on you!

  3. I decorate for Thanksgiving too! I feel like it deserves just as much attention as Halloween and Christmas but so often gets lost! I love this poncho, it looks so very cozy and warm!

    1. I totally agree with you! Gives those turkeys some love :)

  4. That poncho is cute and all, but your shoes are stealin' the show!! LOVE that red color!

  5. The red cup!!! They still didn't have them when I got coffee last.. ): We don't do Thanksgiving decorations, but I have yet to pull out the Christmas stuff.. I'm waiting until Thanksgiving.



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