sneaker freak

Nov 17, 2014

coat: forever 21// tee: target// leggings: nordstrom// shoes: nike blazers
beanie: zara// sunglasses: ray-ban

Welcome to what my mom uniform usually looks like. Sneakers! There was a time in my life...not too long ago, where I was a real sneaker head. I am talking would set an alarm to wake up and order online the second a shoe was released. Or drive to LA for a limited release on a sneaker. Or pay an insane amount of shipping to get a shoe from Japan. This was all pre-children, and when my parents were still footing the bill for my life, or when there were two working adults in this familia. But my sneaker collection is still strong, in all the boxes, in my closet. There are some I won't wear. There are some I wear all the time. Don't get me wrong, I love a good pair of heels to throw on, but sneakers will always be my first love. 

And this coat??? A welcomed departure from my faux fur. Forever 21 has so many great coats right now, my wish list is piled high with more coats than I could actually ever wear. But the prices are too good to look away. Here are some of the other ones I am loving:


  1. Such a stylish mama you are! I kinda love how the red cup matches the shoes..! And your bump!!! (:

  2. Looking good! And comfy. Pretty much my jam.

  3. You're too cool.. and I love that jacket.

  4. You look great, love this outfit!

  5. Forever 21 sucks me in with their good deals all the time!

  6. LOVEEE that coat! I can't ever do Forever21 coats, because the sleeves are always too short.
    Sad day :(

  7. You are one of those people that can pull off ANYTHING. You look good in EVERYTHING. You could wear a paper bag, and somehow make it "trendy".

    1. HA! sweet! Thanks Hana



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