taking stock

Nov 24, 2014

I think this is the perfect time for one of these posts before the craziness of this week really starts to sink in. I love Thanksgiving, don't get me wrong. But Chris is on-call for work so we have moved the almighty day of eating turkey to Friday, because the likelihood of him NOT going into work is just so slim. And the next couple days seem jam packed. Oh and I am sure I should squeeze grocery shopping in there somewhere. 

Making : doctors appointments and dentist appointments for all. 

Cooking : these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for the third time in two weeks, they smell amazing. 

Drinking : pellegrino. all. day. errday.

Reading: this amazing post by Jessica. if you have a daughter I am sure you have thought about this topic.

Wanting: just a few more hours of daylight. by three I feel like i should be cooking dinner and getting a bath warmed for the kids. winter blues are creeping up on me. must take more vitamin d. 

Playing: lincoln logs. i feel like if we are home we are building something with logs or legos. avalon happens to enjoy it more than anyone. 

Listening: to lauryn hill. do you think she has some archived christmas songs? 

Sewing: not a thing. 

Wishing: my turkey would brine itself.  

Enjoying: our lazy mornings. i feel like every morning we get started later and later. the sun doesn't come up until after 9, and since ace is off school this week all bets are off. 

Liking: the fact that chris has some actual days off this week. family time and exploring are my my lifeline.

Wondering: what this little girl is doing inside my tummy right now, backflips? the macarena? 

Hoping: we get some snow soon so Chris and the boys can take their skis out! 

Marveling: at my growing belly. i don't care how many times you do this it is still amazing to be a spectator at what your body can do.

Needing: to think of a name for this baby. we still like nothing. 

Smelling: rosewater since I just washed my face. 

Wearing: warm wool socks. but i should probably start getting ready for the day.

Thinking: about food. but that is how my everyday is. i cannot wait for all those leftovers to find a temporary home in the garage fridge. 

Feeling: great. and so excited for the next few months. after christmas we will be in holiday recovery mode. and then baby mode. 

Bookmarking: baby stuff. i wouldn't mind a few more of these, or this cute sweater, and ordering more of these.

that is about it. what do you have going on? 


  1. I always enjoy these Kinds of posts. It's nice to document, lest we forget. :)

  2. Here is hoping you get snow soon!

  3. It's gotta be hard with the lack of sunlight there. And yes, baby girl needs that sweater!



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