that coveted ME TIME!

Nov 3, 2014

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When you are pregnant you have people coming out of the woodwork telling you to "sleep now because once the baby is here you won't ever sleep again". I am going to go ahead and call that statement false. You will sleep again. You may not sleep eight hours a night, you may not even sleep on the schedule you want to. But you will sleep....eventually. You want to know what people should be telling pregnant women? Take all the "me time" you can. Read all the books you want to read. Take longer than normal showers. Look through a magazine when you go to the bathroom. Sit in utter silence whenever possible. Really take some time for YOU! Because when the baby comes that is what you will lose, the alone time. Sure in the beginning of motherhood you are so overjoyed with this new squishy human-being that you don't really think about being away from them. Totally understandable. But the time will come when you say, "when was the last time I ate dinner uninterrupted?". You know you are reading this an shaking your head yes! 
Nowadays with this traveling circus, my me time has to be penciled in. Planned ahead of time. The boys no longer nap (a tear just rolled down my cheek) so when Avalon takes a nap I am still playing trains or army guys, or whatever game. My nights are spent cleaning up the disaster that is my house by the end of each day. But this weekend I set some time aside for me. Chris went to the gym a little earlier than normal so he could get right home to sweep the boys off their feet. Where they went I don't know. Avalon and I had lunch and played for a bit until it was her nap time. I crept out of her room ever so carefully, ninja like if you will. Hurried downstairs like a giddy child on Christmas morning and I made myself a cup of decaf, grabbed a handful of left over candy and some magazines I snagged from Safeway the other day, and made my way to my bed.
Pure bliss people! 90 quite minutes to myself. Call me old school, but I love flipping through magazines. I find so much inspiration through the pages that I just rip them out and hoard them in my little makeshift office (it should read desk with computer) I get outfit ideas, recipes, and rip out new products I want to try. I mean nothing quite compares to the instant gratification of online shopping...just the rush of clicking 'add to cart'. But to just sit in silence in my own bed with no one else in it to kick me out of the way, that is relaxation money can't buy. I wish more of these days would come my way!

How do you relax? What would you do if given a few hours to yourself, uninterrupted? 

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Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fun weekend. 


  1. Yay for me time, there is nothing better than that! So glad you got to enjoy some quiet time for yourself. :)

  2. I enjoy flipping through a good tabloid/gossip magazine more than I'd like to admit. It's sad, really.

    1. Ha! I think we all do ;) guilty pleasures!!

  3. Mike went out Saturday night to the e club for a going away thingy and by the time he left the girls were asleep so I stayed up until midnight watching makeup youtube videos and spending too much on hahah it was glorious!

  4. Magazines are super relaxing to browse thru for me too! I'm haven't jumped on the digital zine trend just yet!

  5. Those are rare moments indeed. And oh so welcome! Your boys are growing too fast!! No naps! I pretty much cried a river when Letty stopped those. Sniff.



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