the weekend that kept on giving

Nov 30, 2014

Monday! We meet again. How was your Thanksgiving? Is it a blogging faux pas to talk about a holiday meal many days after the holiday? Oh well, I am about to. Thanksgiving, normally celebrated on a Thursday was postponed until Friday for this family because Chris had an on-call shift at work. Which isn't too out of the norm seeing as how he usually isn't home for many holidays. But since our children don't know their days of the week yet, Friday sounded good. 
To be honest it worked out quite well, normally on Thanksgiving I am running around the kitchen like a mad woman with a fork or spoon in hand. But this year I did a lot of prep, and made most of the food on Thursday, but the best part was we got to shop the black friday sales from our kitchen table. We got almost ALL of our Christmas shopping done, just a couple things left to pick up for the kids and we are finished! This has n-e-v-e-r happened before in the history of our marriage. We are usually the people out on Christmas Eve frantically buying and staying up all night wrapping and putting things together. Not this year....boom!
Friday brought SNOW! Finally snow. Chris saw those flakes falling outside and ran down to his man cave to gather all his skis and start waxing them. This man has done a snow dance begging the snow gods to send some fluff for him to play on. They answered, but only mildly. There still isn't enough for him to spend the day in. Poor kid!
Saturday while the snow was still falling we decided to go ice skating. Pierce loves to skate, and would spent the whole day on the ice if we let him. Last year he only skated indoor, but after getting his first taste of wide open frozen lake real estate, he is a changed man. Ace thinks he likes skating, he will do it for about 10 minutes before he claims to hate everything about it and demand for skis, or boots. As long as we get one hockey player in this family we will be happy. I don't know how great of a soccer mom I would be, but a hockey mom....don't tempt me with a good time!
Sunday we decided to just pull out all the winter sports stops and get the kids on their skis. The ski season isn't officially open yet, but there is one nordic trail that was slightly groomed. The boys loved it, and I am all about an activity that exerts a ton of energy yet the kids think it is all fun. They worked those little leg muscles to the bone! Avalon and I did our best to keep up, but I mean, pregnant lady in the snow and 18 month old toddler legs. Slow going. 
As with any great parenting adventure, you must use a little bribery to get the job done. We told the boys that if they made it to the top of the hill they could go explore and sled back down to the car. False motivation. We did eventually make it to the top after all the "dis is taking fo-evea" "I wanna be done mama" "my degs feel like jewo". 
What goes up, must come down. And that we did. I love giving these experiences to my kids, and watching them get to do so many amazing things at such a young age. I am completely grateful for being able to live in a place where going out and doing this is the norm. Even though I have to give myself an internal pep talk before I embark on dressing and undressing these three squirmy humans. But watching them do all these activities that I never really did until I was much older is so exciting. 

But just like the weekend giveth, it taketh away! My house is destroyed. There are piles of dishes in my kitchen. We had pumpkin cheesecake for breakfast one too many mornings. And I am pretty sure we are down to one or two diapers in the house. So back to life...back to reality!

How was your weekend?


  1. Pumpkin pie for breakfast over here too! The boys are so adorable on their skis!

  2. Such an awesome experience for your kids. Things they will remember forever. Who wouldn't? Skiing is the best. And bonus for mom for tiring them out. Snow tired is the best tired.

  3. I got all my shopping done online on Friday too!!!! I am also just going to add that I'm not envious of your snow.

    1. HA! I have to say I am totally loving the snow. Just brings that whole Christmas vibe together for me :) But you enjoy sunny Texas!!

  4. What a great weekend! Love their little skis

  5. They look like they are having the best time!

  6. It is ALWAYS okay to talk about meals/food. ALWAYS.
    I love how you guys do so many cool family activities! These memories will last their lifetime! :D

  7. What an awesome weekend to be had!

    That turkey looks picture perfect and I love pumpkin pie any time of day.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm visiting from Blogger's Digest.

  8. You are such a great momma! I totally agree that it's so awesome that you kids get to do all of these fun things while still being so little!



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